Apple iPhone 5s case

Dan Frakes
5 November, 2013
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Apple iPhone 5s case


Lightweight; snug fit; colour options; button overlays
Ring/Silent switch is too recessed



When it comes to iPhone cases, Apple has always seemed to accept the accessories only grudgingly, as if the mere idea of covering its beautiful designs was distasteful. So we were a bit surprised when Apple announced that it had created iPhone cases. The case – which actually fits both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5 – is a rigid shell that covers the back and sides of your iPhone, leaving its screen exposed. Available in brown, beige, black, yellow, light blue and (Product) Red, the case sports a soft-leather exterior with a recessed Apple logo on the back. The inside rear of the case – but not the inner edges – is covered in a soft microfibre.

The iPhone 5s case is thin and light, weighing just 13g, and it adds only about 4mm to the width and height of the iPhone 5s or 5 – even less to its thickness. Your phone definitely feels bigger with the case on, but not at all bulky. The case covers the iPhone’s Sleep/Wake button and volume buttons with custom-molded overlays. These overlays are subtle, but they’re prominent enough to locate by feel. The Ring/Silent switch, on the other hand, is accessed through a hole in the case. Unfortunately, the switch is recessed enough, and the hole is small enough, that the only way we could flip the switch was by using a fingernail. On the back, the case provides an opening for the phone’s camera and flash.

We do have two long-term questions about the case’s durability. First, given the material, will repeatedly removing the case and putting it back on cause the case to stretch and lose its precise fit? Second, how well will the leather hold up to normal wear and tear? We can’t answer these questions yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for any issues.

Bottom line. Apple’s iPhone 5s case offers decent protection in a minimalist design, it fits perfectly, and it feels and looks quite nice. While we’ll see a flood of third-party cases, you won’t regret buying Apple’s case from the start.
By Dan Frakes. Macworld

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