Aiptek PocketCinema V100

Adam Turner
13 August, 2013
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Aiptek PocketCinema V100



Lightweight; bright whites


Not sharp; disappointing colours



Bright yet quiet, Aiptek’s PocketCinema V100 is a more tempting choice for business folk looking to travel light.

Fitting into a large pocket or carry bag, the Aiptek features mini-USB, SD, composite and mini-HDMI connectors, the latter of which will talk to an iGadget via a Lightning to Digital AV (HDMI) adaptor. You’ll need Aiptek’s optional mini-HDMI adaptor to support components and VGA, or you might call upon the 2GB of onboard storage.

Despite having a larger footprint than the Optoma PK320 Pico Projector at 100 x 100mm, the Aiptek is lighter at 208g (you’ll also find a carry case and remote in the box). It’s a 16:9 projector, which offers the same 100 lumens brightness and 854 x 480 resolution as the Optoma.

Despite the PocketCinema name, the Aiptek’s whites are noticeably whiter to assist with presentations. Even running on the built-in battery they’re whiter than the Optoma on DC power. Unfortunately the Aiptek’s colours and resolution look considerably worse than the Optoma, which doesn’t help with movies and when running iPhone presentations featuring delicate fonts.

The Aiptek needs to be 1.6m from the wall to cast a 1m image – further back and the image gets larger but dimmer. There’s a tripod thread on the bottom but no built-in foot to elevate the front. The fan noise is more of a buzz than a hum, much quieter than the Optoma.

The one-watt built-in speaker is clearer than the Optoma, but a fraction softer, which is OK considering the Aiptek produces less fan noise to compete with. There’s also a headphone jack. Even for a cheap projector, the Aiptek’s disappointing colours make movies look underwhelming.


Bottom line.

This projector is better suited to presentations in small rooms, especially as it’s so quiet.

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