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29 November, 2011
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Cool; clean looking; amazing sound balance


No cushion between the headband and yourhead

$270; $330 (with mic)


If you’re a DJ then these are for you, not for just the sound quality but because the TMA-1s were designed for DJs with the help of some big- name DJs. In fact, you’ll love them even if you have no pretensions towards DJ-ing.

Even just looking at the funky box you know the AIAIAI (pronounced eye eye eye) TMA-1s are going to look cool – probably because the Danish have a great sense of style.

It’s clear that DJs played a part in creating these by their design and shape.

They’re rugged, refreshingly clean and all black, with a simple nylon headband. And they’re plain – without one logo or other form of branding on the outside, they could be mistaken for generic headphones. The only AIAIAI logo you’ll find is hidden under the headband, and almost invisible.

The TMA-1s come with two sets of padded earcups – one synthetic and one leather. These are easily adjusted up and down with a simple notch to fit your head size. In the box you will find a coiled cord – easier to use in a DJ booth – and a straight cord, with both having great length. Included is a zippered carry bag.

I found the fairly lightweight headphones to be a firm fit, and they sat naturally around my head and ears. The expandable, bendy frame can easily be twisted and turned, making for easy one-ear use in clubs.

However, after an hour of wearing them it feels like I’ve dropped something on my head. There is
no material or cushion between the headband and your head; even adjusting these did not help and it left my head slightly sore. Now it could just be the shape of my head but after a while you may also notice this.

I’m writing this while sitting on the couch, opposite my partner. I’ve turned up my Mac to the highest volume and he can’t hear a single sound coming his way.

I gave the TMA-1s a real workout with music you would find in a dance club or at a music festival. The sound was loud, clean and clear with little or no distortion, and a pretty amazing balanced listening experience. The only small thing is the treble ranges can be a little piercing.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice

If, in the past, you’ve wanted to pick up headphones of this calibre but could not justify the higher price, than these could be the answer – with the $270 price and high quality they’re the perfect pair.


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  1. Sam says:

    Incredible headphones. I’ve had them for over a year now and they haven’t skipped a beat.

  2. Caine says:

    Amazing sound, one of the best out there for the price. Nice and simple design too.

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