8ware MusicTooth

Macworld Australia Staff
22 March, 2012
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8ware MusicTooth

8ware, www.anyware.com.au


Works with all Bluetooth devices; 10m range; small


Doesn’t switch off with speakers



If  you’re setting up a sound system for your living room or bedroom on a budget,  8ware’s MusicTooth may make your life a lot easier.

It’s a Bluetooth receiver that you plug into the docking port of an iPod sound system, letting you listen to and control music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

It is extremely easy to use. With no installation or extensive step up, the MusicTooth just needs to be connected to your device or computer via the devices’ Bluetooth menu and it will remember the connection.

The 8ware device is extremely small measuring 2.5cm x 4cm – slightly larger than a 20-cent coin – and doesn’t require batteries or external power. It is also very light, weighing 8g.

We connected it to our MacBook Pro, set the speakers behind us and pressed Play on a DVD. It produced crystal-clear sound and enhanced the movie experience.

The MusicTooth, which has a range of 10m, disconnects when your phone gets a call and reconnects once you have hung up, which is very neat. Who wants their phone calls blearing around the house?

We had one issue, though – the MusicTooth doesn’t turn off with the speakers, which means a bright blue light will remain on. Turning the speakers off at the wall solves the problem but no one wants to do that every night.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

While this technology is not new, the MusicTooth is an excellent product for the bedroom or living room. It would also excel at a barbeque or gathering, where everyone with a Bluetooth-enabled device – almost everybody – would be able to connect to the speakers to play, skip or pause their own music.

Best of all, you can control the music without having to get up. 8ware’s MusicTooth retails at $79 with a one-year company warranty. It is well worth the cost if you already have a docking speaker system.



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