1Password 3

John Brandon
10 April, 2011
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1 Password 3

Agile Web Solutions, agilewebsolutions.com


Stays out of the way; clean interface; simple to use


Can’t retrieve master password; no business version



Password management is not the most exciting subject in the world. Yet, when you really need that one password for some arcane ancestry site you found last year, a password manager can be a major help.

Agile Web Solutions’ 1Password 3 is one of the best password management tools I’ve used. When you register for a new site, or fill out a form at Amazon.com to buy a product, the program pops up in an unassuming way and prompts you to name the entry and save the information. Then, when you go back to that site or need the saved data, it’s easy to retrieve.

1Password also watches for and saves local logins, such as those for your Mail username and password, file sharing and backup tools.

The interface shows folders for your account info, plus categories for creating and storing secure notes, software licence information, credit cards and bank info.

One very cool feature is called 1Passwordanywhere. Essentially, it means you can upload the master file to an online service like Dropbox.com.

There are a few small nits, though: there is absolutely no way to recover your master password if you forget it, and I wish there was a business version where a company could store all the logins and passwords for everything employees do online.

Australian Macworld’s buying advice.

1Password 3 works exactly as expected, providing exactly the right data in a clean interface. Highly recommended.

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  1. haul says:

    Agreed, a business version would be handy. We have more than enough passwords going around here at haul to get us into trouble without to much trouble!

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