Searching for dates in FileMaker Pro

David Head
18 August, 2014
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FileMaker, date ranges, hints and tips, macworld australiaOne of the most common functions in a FileMaker solution is to find records. Often you may be searching for records that fall in a particular range of dates. FileMaker Pro provides a range of useful techniques to quickly find the records you need.

To find records in FileMaker Pro, you use Find mode to enter a find request. Enter Find mode by selecting it from the View menu (or by using the keyboard shortcut, Cmd/Ctrl-F). If you simply enter a date into the required date field, then click the Perform Find button, FileMaker Pro will find all records that exactly match that date.

To find records that match a date range, enter the start date and end date separated by three periods (). So if you enter 1/1/2014…31/3/2014, you will find all records from January, February and March in 2014. Curiously, if you enter just two periods, that will also work!

You can also use operators such as <, >, and . To make the last two easier, you can also enter <= or >= (write them in the order you say them – less than or equal to, greater than or equal to). An example is >=26/1/2014, which will find all records with a date on or after 26 January 2014.

There are some useful shortcuts available when finding dates. One is to match records from today’s date – use //. This may be used to find all invoices from today. Another shortcut will find all records from a specific month and year – by entering 3/2013, this will find all records from March 2013. And finally, if you enter just the four digit year, FileMaker Pro will find all records from any date in that year.


Build it yourself.

What if you don’t want to teach your users how to search for dates? You can build a flexible date search quickly and easily with this script guide.

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