Rabbids®: Invasion, the ultimate Facebook farce!

Macworld Australia Staff
10 April, 2012
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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — April 10th, 2012 —Ubisoft® has announced the launch of 2 new Rabbids games:  Rabbids®: Invasion, a new Facebook game that unleashes Rabbids hysteria on the popular social network;the Rabbids interactive iOS App, updated for iPhone®, and iPod touch with Rabbids® Go Phone Again and coming for the 1st time on iPad with Rabbids® Go HD.

With over 60 million views of Rabbids videos on YouTube, almost 1 million worldwide Facebook fans and a record of 4800 likes, 4200 shares and 400 comments on the French Facebook page, Rabbids have already began their invasion on the virtual world. Invading the real world with 14 million copies was not enough. The Rabbids are ready to continue spreading mayhem on the biggest social network and on iOS!

Rabbids®: Invasion, the ultimate Facebook farce!

There is no escaping the Rabbids, everyone’s iconic social games are being “rabbidised”! Users can now join them to help grow the invasion from a tiny farm to a sprawling metropolis. While some plant carrots, Rabbids plant burgers, stinky cheese, and other bizarre items that can be harvested to supply their businesses. While some collect money, Rabbids collect their precious toilet paper and then go on a shopping spree to buy exclusive items for prestige and bragging rights! The Rabbids world is constantly evolving in the most unpredictable ways, making it strongly advisable players check back often on what their furry friends are up to.

Players are encouraged to bust into friends’ towns to spread the mayhem. Surprisingly, harassing neighbours brings exciting rewards. At least, in the Rabbids world… Creativity can be expressed by personalising “Raving Ravatar,” an avatar of themselves, with fully blinged out accessories and epic outfits. For extra laughs and embarrassment, users can “rabbidise” their friends, family, and even their favorite celebrities!

Future updates, including brand new environments to spoof, crazy collections to complete, and new quests.


Rabbids are hopping onto IOS with Rabbids® Go Phone Again and Rabbids® Go HD

With Rabbids® Go Phone Again for iPhone and iPodTouch as well as Rabbids® Go HD for iPad, users can manipulate, tickle, shake and tease their captive Rabbid. Players can have fun with crazy moves, accessories and the photo tool to create wacky photos in augmented reality with their customised Rabbid and share their unique artwork with the community through Facebook.

The Rabbids Go app will also give direct access to the latest Rabbids news, as well as unlockable items including delirious videos, exclusive wallpapers and new thematic backgrounds. Rabbids® Go Phone Again is available on iPhone/iPad Touch for 0.99c and will come as a free update for owners of the previous version in December 2009. Rabbids® Go HD, universal for iPhone and iPad, is available for $1.99.


For more information please visit the App Store at :

iPhone: http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/rabbids-go-phone-again/id344091291?mt=8&uo=4

iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/rabbids-go-hd/id468677195?mt=8&uo=4


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