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Macworld Australia Staff
2 August, 2012
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Press Release

Australia, August 2012 – HappiTaps and iWorld Australia ink ANZ distribution agreement.

HappiTaps are the first-of-its-kind toy/app hybrid. A lovable teddy-bear friend that leverages toddlers’ newly found fascination with touchscreen smartphones and the classic comfort of plush, huggable toys creating a truly interactive, lovable companion.

Put your iPhone or iPod touch inside a HappiTaps cover, download the free app, and voilà: the 21st century Teddy.

Beary Happi and Puppi Love is the first HappiTap. Kids will watch him come to life in a manner never before experienced in a plush toy. They will love nurturing him, feeding him, and helping him go to sleep. Or listening to him chat, share fun facts, tell jokes, stories or sing songs. Beary will keep kids engaged and learning.

Suitable for iTots 18+, Beary Happi and Puppi Loveis at the forefront of the “app-cessory” trend.

It cycles through the activities automatically. Think of it as “auto pilot” for the youngest kids who can’t yet handle the app menu.


Beary Happi and Puppi Love is quite versatile. They can chat, share fun facts, teach kids to count to 10, tell jokes, wink, laugh, whistle and sniff about.

Sing Along

Beary Happi and Puppi Love, loves to sing! Join them as they sing along with his friend Angie his favorite classic children’s songs.


Beary and Puppi love to hide behind different things! Join him for some old fashioned Peek-a-Boo fun. “Where are you?” Peek-aBoo!


Beary Happi and Puppi Love, love to play, but just like kids he also gets tired. Lay him flat, facing up and he will fall asleep. He does snore a little…

Feeding Time

Let’s feed the bear and puppi !  This nurturing game is so much fun. Kids are so happy to feed their friend while they learn about food. Mmmhh, honey!

Story Time

Beary and Puppi are accomplished story tellers. They will narrate classic childrens’ stories with a little bear flair.

Rattle & Fun

Kids love making noises and Beary has just what the doctor ordered! A real rattle so they can shake up a storm!

ABC Pop!

Beary and Puppi teaches kids their first ABCs! An interactive bubble popping game that is as much fun as it is educational. Ready, set, pop!

Nighty Night

A comprehensive kid night-time routine: complete with a bedtime story, a lullaby and sheep for counting. G’night!

“ We are all excited at iWorld Australia to be getting in Beary and Puppi from Happitaps. It is connecting technology and toys in such a fun and interactive way. The free App that you can download is so cool and fun. My daughter has not put down Puppi Love. It is great to be the distributor of such an cool toy that is also very educational.” States Chad DeClase, Director of iWorld Australia.


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