New 2,5’’ SSD with SATA II interface from Verbatim

Macworld Australia Staff
6 December, 2011
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Press Release

Melbourne, 2011 – Verbatim Australia are excited to announce the of launch their new range of 2,5’’ SATA II SSDs (Solid State Drives). SSDs are an  ideal hard drive replacement storage solution for notebook and desktop PCs. They provide extraordinary data transfer rates up to 250MB/sec READ and 220MB/sec WRITE speed, faster system boot up, improved system responsiveness and battery life as well as increased shock resistance over HDD equipped systems.

The new SATA II SSDs include a 3.5’’ bay adapter and a power cable for optional desktop installations.  The 64GB is shipping now with an approx. RRP of $134.90. The 128GB and 256GB models will be available at the end of the month with approx.RRPs of $224.00 and $499.00 respectively.

  • Up to 250MB per second readspeed and 220MB per second writespeed
  • Faster system boot up
  • Improved battery life and system responsiveness
  • Increased shock resistance over HDD
  • Advanced wear levelling and error correction for reliable long-term performance
  • Available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB

The advantages of SSDs have been well documented: They use semi-conductor flash memory chips to store data so, unlike Hard Disk Drives, have no moving parts. This makes them more mechanically stable and far less prone to failure. Additionally they make no noise and use very little energy. The SATA II SSD is shock and vibration resistant making it more durable in harsher environments, and offers faster system performance than a standard hard drive.

Tracy Myers, Product Manager Flash for Verbatim Australia, sums up the advantages: “SSDs come with longer battery life, faster response, additional robustness and faster system boot up. The increased shock resistance make them the ideal storage replacement in portable computers whose original hard disk drives are prone to shocks.”

Availability and Pricing 

The Verbatim SATA SSD 64GB is available now with the 128GB and 256GB models due mid to late November.

P/N 47473 SATA Solid State Drive 2.5”  64GB approx. RRP $134.90
P/N 47474 SATA Solid State Drive 2.5”  128GB approx. RRP $224.00
P/N 47472 SATA Solid State Drive 2.5”  256GB approx. RRP $499.00

Contact Verbatim Customer Service on (03) 9790 8999 for stockists.


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