Melbourne to get major Tech event: CONNECT 2014

Macworld Australia Staff
21 June, 2013
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Several big brands including NBNCo, Samsung, Google, Telstra, Kore Wireless and DLink are supporting a new consumer electronics and IT exhibition and conference scheduled for Melbourne in March 2014 called CONNECT.

Among the guest speakers will be the former Editor in Chief of Wired, author of The Long Tail and current CEO of 3D Robotics, Chris Anderson, Telstra’s CTO, Dr Hugh Bradlow and Alex Hawkinson, CEO of pioneering global Internet of Things company,  SmartThings.

The event which will take place in Melbourne from the 13th-15th March 2014 falls shortly after the CES Show in Las Vegas with several brands set to use the Australian event to showcase products revealed at the US event.

The Digital Business & Lifestyle event will showcase the evolution of communication networks, devices and applications that can be used in a business or home.

Show director, John Pozoglou said that Connect 2014 will showcase new technology that is changing the landscape. “Australian consumers whether at home or work want the latest technology, they need to understand how this technology works and the benefits that it can deliver. Connect 2014 will deliver this information and more”.

“These benefits include better communication technology, the delivery of services such as healthcare and education, content delivery, to devices along with applications that help consumers and business organisations get information faster and when mobile”.

With high speed broadband being rolled out across Australia, and smart devices and appliances proliferating in homes and work-places, it is essential that Australia has an event like Connect 2014 to showcase technology” he said.

“We are investing heavily in securing the best global speakers, we are working with media organisations and our marketing teams to deliver  the right audience for this event which we believe will become a benchmark event for the Australian technology Industry” he added.

Connect will look at everything from smart connected homes, driverless cars and automated transport systems and buildings, to wearable tech, robotics, drones, augmented reality, 3D printing, enterprise mobility, M2M and more.

“With CeBIT having lost the support of many of the big tech vendors in recent years, and moving to a new venue in 2014, I think there is a big opportunity for Connect to become the #1 tech event in Australia. It certainly represents everything that is exciting in the world of technology today, and has a clear, overarching theme that will appeal to business users, service providers and consumers”.

For more information, contact John Pozoglou at +61 2 8908 8505 or email

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