gizmo preserves customer online safety with launch of Protect Me Online tutorial

Macworld Australia Staff
16 August, 2010
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In this digital day and age people need to be aware of protecting the contents of their computers, their personal details and identity from theft and exploitation, just as you would protect your home and physical belongings. gizmo, Australia’s leading home computer helpers, now visits over 7,500 homes per month and have witnessed firsthand how vulnerable Australians leave themselves during their online experience and the need for people to be educated on online security measures.

gizmo has now created an hour-long tutorial service to safeguard privacy while online, covering all aspects of Internet security. Based around the most common (and risky) Internet uses including banking, shopping and social media, gizmo will empower the customer by ensuring they are armoured with the knowledge needed to have a safe online experience.

Protect Me Online – is a one-stop education in all you need to know about Internet safety. For an hour, gizmotechs run through structured safety tips including protecting passwords and confidential information when banking online, how to shop safely using your credit card, looking for a trusted site, setting up parental controls for the family and keeping in safe contact with friends and family through social media, all without revealing personal details to scammers.

As part of the tutorial, gizmotechs will also check that software and security settings are up-to-date to help protect your home network from pesky prying eyes and keep viruses at bay.

Ben Ashton, CEO at gizmo, commented: “Staying safe online can seem a bit daunting with all the continuing advances in technology and the plethora of scams out there, however protecting personal documents, ensuring privacy and being able to navigate social media safely is an issue of increasing importance for all Australian technology users. gizmo already offers a range of products and services to help our customers secure their computer software and hardware but now we can provide them with an accessible service to protect their online experience as well by teaching them safe online practices.

“We have seen how traumatic theft of identity and personal details can be for our customers so we are delighted that we can now offer these personalised tutorials. Each tutorial is tailored to the specific needs of our customers so that within an hour they can be confident they’ve done everything they can to stay as safe as possible when online”.

gizmo offer a range of products and services that cover repairs and upgrades, personalised tutorials for those wanting to develop awareness, home networking, data services and computer set-up.

A Protect Me Online onsite tutorial from gizmo costs $179 or if you have a general computer emergency call 1300 ASK GIZMO or visit

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