FileMaker showcases new Bento personal database, and entire FileMaker Pro 9 line, at Macworld Expo

Macworld Australia Staff
5 July, 2010
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Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (Macworld Expo)

4 Jan 2008 ñ FileMaker, Inc. will showcase its brand-new Bento personal database software for Mac OS X Leopard at Macworld Expo opening here today (Booth # 1225).

Bento lets Mac users organize their lives by giving them one place for important information, from contacts and calendars to projects and events. With direct links to Address Book and iCal, ready-to-use templates and elegant themes, the iTunes-like interface in Bento provides a simple way to get organized. For more info and to obtain Bento, go to (

In its booth, FileMaker also will highlight FileMaker Pro 9, the newest version of the award-winning database for Mac OS X and Windows. The FileMaker Pro 9 product line is the companyís most dramatic offering in years, boasting more than 30 breakthrough easy-to-use features.

And leading FileMaker experts and solutions-providers will be in the FileMaker Pavilion (Booth #1235) adjacent to the Apple and FileMaker booths. FileMaker Pavilion attendees will see real-world FileMaker Pro solutions for many types of database needs.

FileMaker events at Macworld Expo also include:

FileMaker and Final Cut Pro

FileMaker is a Gold sponsor of the Final Cut Pro User Groupsí ìSuperMeetî on 16 Jan. SuperMeet participants will see how FileMaker integrates with Final Cut Pro to manage digital assets and organize creative processes and businesses. To attend and for more info, go to

FileMaker Pro at Power Tools Conference

Learn how to go further in FileMaker Pro 9 from John Mark Osborne, Database Pros president and owner and well-known FileMaker expert and author. Osborne will lead a two-day session covering the important FileMaker concepts of data modeling, relational design, scripting and calculations, and advanced techniques Jan. 16-17. For more info, go to

FileMaker Discovery Tour

Lee Lukehart, director of training at Soliant Consulting, will lead a two-hour hands-on workshop 17 Jan, to unleash the legendary ease-of-use and power of FileMaker software. Lukehart will provide an introductory how-to tour of FileMaker Pro 9 for novices and experienced users alike. For more info, go to

FileMaker Pavilion Features Leading Developers

Adjacent to the FileMaker and Apple booths, leading FileMaker developers will showcase their real-world solutions in the FileMaker Pavilion (Booth # 1235). See FileMaker third-party news releases at (

Developers in the Pavilion include:

.com Solutions Inc.

.com Solutions provides FileMaker services and tools for FileMaker migrations and development. FmPro Migratorís new graphical interface supports the automation of Table Consolidation migrations, including the automated creation of Table Occurrences, Relationships and Layouts.

beezwax datatools, inc.

beezwax datatools, inc. designs a wide variety of custom systems and database products using FileMaker Pro and Web technologies. beezwax will present two new additions to its product line: Dragon Web Surveys for easy survey creation and analysis, and the Web Services plug-in, both designed by partner firm FM::Nexus.


Excelisys, Inc. is a FileMaker Business Alliance member with more than 30 experts and more than 10 FileMaker Certified consultants and developers on staff. Excelisys offers full-service, custom database development, Web site and application development, consulting and design. Excelisys will showcase its jump-start suite of eX-File solutions, including eX-BizTracker, eX-BizTrackerpro, eX-Cal, eX-Mailer, eX-MailCampaign, eX-Directory and eX-ReportCard.

Momentum Education

Momentum Education offers a range of uniquely innovative, multi-functional and flexible solutions for foreign language learners, teachers, and textbook publishers. The products are ideal for authoring in-house company language programs and offer new marketing possibilities to media publishers. Our own vibrant content focuses on Japanese learners of English.

NRG Software, LLC

NRG Software offers simple FileMaker solutions for business users. NRGShip is the first cross-platform shipping solution certified by UPS and FedEx. NRG Validate ensures accuracy of mailing addresses at the point of entry. Every day, NRG customers process thousands of shipments and address verifications to simplify their order processing.

The Contract Management Company (CMC)

CMC provides on-demand contract management services and tools, custom development, and management consulting. At the Expo, CMC will release Contract Management Suite 3.0, a simple, proven and effective solution that handles the details of contract, grant and project management.

Virtual Training Company

With hundreds of quality software training courses, VTC tutorials allow users to increase versatility in their professional and personal lives. Each title makes even the most challenging software easier to learn. Become an expert with VTC in less time and at a lower cost than other forms of training.

WorldSync, Inc.

WorldSync will conduct live hands-on demonstrations of its exciting, new fmDataGuard product. fmDataGuard 1.1 provides solutions built with FileMaker Pro software with the technological basis for regulatory audit trail compliance, logs all data views and changes, and allows for instant data rollback or quick recovery from a crash or corruption. WorldSync will also show it’s latest
SyncDeK 7 for data synchronization between FileMaker Pro databases and even SQL data sources. Learn how SyncDeK 7 provides your mobile workforce with anytime,
any where data.

About FileMaker, Inc.

FileMaker, Inc. develops award-winning database software. Its products include the legendary FileMaker Pro product line for Windows, Mac and the Web, and the new Bento personal database for Mac. Millions of customers, from individuals to large organizations, rely on FileMaker, Inc. software to manage, analyze and share information. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

Customer contact:

1800 028 316

Media Contact:

Polly Johnson

Kinetics Pty Ltd

+61 2 9212 3848

©2008 FileMaker, Inc. All rights reserved. FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Bento is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The events and speakers are subject to change without notice.

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Resource Centre

  1. Introducing layout themes and styles in FileMaker Pro 13

    FileMaker Pro, help, inspector, macworld australiaIf you are reading this, you are most likely aware of the benefits offered by FileMaker Pro 13, from streamlining your business’ data to organising projects, but how do you make your FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go database solutions look the part?

    This is where layout themes and styles come in.

    Would you like the layout to show your business logo when your employees are entering data into the database? Would you like to create conformity across all pages, maybe with a colour theme that matches your business?

    In order to increase usability for your database, a well-designed layout will make the solution both appealing to look at, but also more efficient – as those entering or viewing data will be able to easily navigate the fields in front of them.

    What is a style?

    In FileMaker Pro, a style is the way a layout object, layout part and the database’s background appear. This encompasses the colour or transparency of objects and backgrounds, the style of line used within the layout, the borders of objects and parts, the shape of objects, the shadows outside or inside an object’s border, and the display state of an object.

    For example, when your draw a square on your layout, the initial appearance of the square will be determined by the theme currently being used by the layout. The colour of the square, the lines that define it and any shadow that appears are all differing styles that add up to make a theme.

    The initial theme is called the default and ensures that all objects added to the layout carry a similar look. So, if you add a second square to the layout, it will have the same colour and borders. Though this does not have to be the case if you would like to differentiate them.

    And a theme?

    A theme is the collection of a number of styles used in a layout. Themes are the full picture of how your layout or report appears, and encompass all of the individual styles applied to objects, parts and the background. The theme does not affect the way a layout functions, but when you apply a theme to a layout it will alter the way it looks and feels.

    Making alterations

    Adjusting a style in a theme is very simple. If you click on the object, layout part or background you would like to alter, open the Inspector and head to the Appearances tab, you will see the Style label field at the top. This indicates the current style.  If no changes have been made, it will likely read as ‘Default’.

    Alter the style of the object, layout part or background by editing the property settings on the Appearance tab of the Inspector. Once you have made your layout look the way you would like, select the red arrow that will have appeared as you were making your changes and click ‘Save As New Style’.

    Type in a new name for your style and press OK. Continue to create as many additional styles as you would like in your layout. If you would like to apply a style to multiple objects or modify a style slightly between two objects, your previous styles will be available in the Styles list on the Style tab of the Inspector.

    Once you have made all of the changes you would like, you have the option of creating a new theme or saving the changes to the current theme.

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