Boom Volume Booster App gets a Boost with the Video Boosting feature, other major improvements and a fun Application for Facebook

Macworld Australia Staff
4 April, 2011
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Press Release

Boom, the award winning one-click volume booster application for Mac, in
this latest exciting update, has included the much awaited video boosting,
ability to drag and drop folders for file boosting, channel balance support
and greater improvements in CPU utilization and memory usage. It also marks
the launch of a fun app for Facebook, Shriek, integrated within the

UDUPI, India, March 31, 2011 – Global Delight today released a major update
to their Volume Booster app, Boom, a Macworld Best of Show 2011 Winner.
Since its release at the Macworld Expo 2011, Boom has been well received by
all Mac and Music enthusiasts alike. The USP of the application lies in its
being packed with powerful features yet retaining its simplicity and
uniqueness. This light and visually appealing application has found use not
only among those users who wish to pump up their system speakers but also
among hearing impaired users who wish to enjoy music and movies on their
One of the unique features of Boom is the ability to boost the audio files
residing in the iTunes library or from the disk and save them in the format
supported by an iPhone/iPod touch. Boom thus allows users to enjoy their
newly boosted files on their iPhone/iPod touch as well. Most of the users
have an issue with videos having very low volume. It greatly diminishes the
movie watching experience or defeats the purpose for which the video was
made. With the latest update, users now need not struggle with low volume in
video files. Using Boom, they can now boost the audio of their video files
and save them, thus getting rid of low volume issues and improving the
Another major improvement is the reduction in CPU utilization and memory
usage. It has been reduced by more than 50%. Also to do away with the
tedious task of adding single files for boosting, users can now drag and
drop entire folders to be boosted using Boom. As for those who were looking
for an option to change the Channel Balance in the Sound Preferences,
support has been provided for the same.
A lot of thought has gone in this update where customer feedback and
suggestions have been taken into consideration. Thus users will be
pleasantly surprised that they can now mute any audio notification that was
earlier present by default while adjusting the sound using Boom.

Shriek for Facebook which has been integrated within Boom adds a fun element
to it. With Shriek, users can test the power of their voice with the loudest
shriek getting the better score and being awarded a title. Users can compete
and challenge friends on Facebook using this app and compare scores both
locally and globally.

Boom Volume Booster v1.1 is priced at USD 8.99 and is a free update to all
the existing registered users of Boom.

Boom runs on Mac OS X® 10.5.8 or later on any Intel and PowerPC-based Mac

Pricing and Availability:
Boom single-user license can be purchased at USD 8.99. An unrestricted 7-day
demo version is available for immediate download for evaluation.

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