Adonit Jot Touch is the first pressure sensitive stylus

Macworld Australia Staff
1 August, 2012
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Press Release

July 31, 2012 – Australia – The next step in the stylus evolution. Not all lines are created equally, so Jot Touch provides pressure sensitive input to deliver more accurate interpretations of your strokes. Using Bluetooth technology, Touch communicates with Jot Ready apps to give you a deeper experience. Two programmable shortcut buttons makes it easy to undo a mistake or change tools. Even if an app is not Pressure Sensitive, you still have the most accurate stylus around. Jot Touch is what we always dreamed the pen of the future would be.


Keeping up with the Jot family tradition, Jot Touch is the next evolutionary step for precision styluses.


Not all lines are created equally. Jot Touch reacts to the amount of pressure you apply to deliver more accurate interpretations of your strokes.


Jot Touch’s Bluetooth connection means it can work on any platform; iOS, Android, and Windows


Even if the App isn’t setup to read pressure input, you’re still using the most precise stylus on the market. Jot Touch’s precision disc works naturally with any App on any touch screen; iOS, Android, and Windows.


Get to software tools quickly. Switch to your eraser with the flick of a finger. Minimise your navigation. Maximise your creation.


Plug the USB charger into your computer, tablet, or iPad/iPhone charger to replenish Jot Touch and keep those creative juices flowing.

Jot Ready Apps

Although Jot works with any app, some apps have been calibrated for a precision stylus rather than a finger. These apps have integrated Adonit’s Jot Ready SDK so when used with Jots, they are the best stylus experience on the market. Check them out. If your app isn’t on the list, email us which app you would like to see integration with. Also let that app know you want integration. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know.

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