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11 April, 2012
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Freshuu, App Store.


High replay value


Short stint gameplay



When you’re trapped atop a lofty spire, surrounded by killer robots that have just slaughtered every other living being on the planet, it’s not a matter of if you’ll survive the onslaught but how long you can stave off the inevitable. Such is the thrill of Ziggurat, an iPhone and iPad game that’s all about taking out as many of the mechanical jerks as you can before they inevitably rip you to shreds.

Inspired by the 16-bit era, this arcade-style defence shooter from Freshuu sports charming retro pixel art and a catchy chiptune soundtrack, but it’s the steep challenge of frantically scrambling to defend against an endless wave of attackers that makes Ziggurat so hard to put down. Racking up kills is super satisfying, even when the average game lasts under a minute.

Strategic aiming comes into play as you charge up shots and swivel your laser blaster to greet approaching foes. Scoring a headshot when your robotic adversaries’ pulsating noggins are at their biggest creates explosive chain reactions that take out multiple baddies at once. While the iPad’s larger screen space makes for speedier, more precise aiming on that device, everything works well on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Perfect for quick play sessions, Ziggurat’s intense gameplay holds up, thanks to its accessibility and high replay value.

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