Video: Lego Loom Machine has your wardrobe all sewn up

Macworld Australia Staff
23 February, 2013
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Proving you really can do anything with Lego, one designer has made a loom from the iconic plastic pieces that can weave textiles, in a fashion never seen before.

Tomasz Zając’s intricate Lego Loom Machine is built mostly from Lego bricks and runs off a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit. Operating just like a standard loom would, this Lego version uses three reels of wool and separates it into multiple strands. An arm then places another strand of the wool across the rest and pulls down to secure its placement and, in turn, creating a woven fabric.

And there you have it – a DIY Lego textiles hub to start making clothe for your new winter wardrobe.

To see a working video of the Lego Loom Machine, see below:



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  1. d says:

    Cute! But who writes the text? This little machine is using three strands of yarn – it did not “take a ball of wool and separate it into multiple strands.” Those three little spools were probably wound by hand before being loaded on the pegs.

    You can weave tapestry OR you can knit fabric but this machine is not “weaving a knitwear tapestry.” A dictionary would have helped this copywriter understand the basic terminology and differences between weaving and knitting.

  2. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Thanks, d … we’ve fixed the text.


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