UFC Undisputed 3 (PS3)

Macworld Australia Staff
24 February, 2012
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UFC Undisputed 3

THQ, Undisputed 3


Good graphics; excellent fun; multiplayer; customisable characters


Takes a while to master; requires 3.5 GB of HDD space



UFC Undisputed 3 is the complete Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) console game. Learning from the previous two games in the series, Undisputed 3 still features the acclaimed Title Mode, Title Defence and Ultimate Fights but is packed full of new features that are sure to keep the UFC fans coming back for more.

Undisputed 3 takes up 3.5GB of space on your PS3 hard drive and will take 10 minutes to install but THQ has made a game worth the space and time.

The graphics are good without being excellent but the gameplay is smooth and the tonne of game options well and truly makes up for any negatives.

The brutal nature of the game is demonstrated in even the most basic gameplay – sweat and blood trickle down fighters throughout the bouts, and cuts and bruises are lifelike and often amusing to see.

There is a huge amount of customisation available, and post-fight analyses provide a detailed synopsis of the bouts, including strikes thrown vs those landed, body damage per body part and many more.

You get a little rush seeing your fighter doing well, and building fighting combinations that break through an opponent’s guard is a satisfactory achievement.

The games soundtrack is extremely suitable and, with UFC’s Bruce Buffer announcing the fights and Mike Goldberg sitting in the commentary box, provides a perfect soundscape.

Team members throw directions and advice your way throughout bouts – which is actually useful – and the thumps of punches and kicks make you believe you are in the octagon.

Another addition is the Octagon submission sequence, which requires players to stay within the opponent’s bar in order to complete a submission.  Although a little unorthodox, It is certainly a step in the right direction.

Fighting against other people or the computer in Exhibition Mode, using 150 recognisable UFC fighters or customised characters, is a great thrill, testing your skills or having a giggle as you wail on each other in a range of arenas, adjudicated by a number of different referees all recognisable to UFC viewers.

Undisputed 3’s career mode requires users to create and build a customisable character and lead them through their MMA fighting career, beginning where the UFC began, in the World Fighting Alliance.

The options in creating a character are almost endless: Names and nicknames are able to be typed or selected from an extensive list; choice of age ranges from 18-30; there’s a variety of weight classes; and you can choose the locations where the fighters are born and where they fight out of.

Strangely, for Australian gamers, if you want to choose where you are born your options are Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Geelong.

In choosing appearances, a myriad of options are available from height, physique, skin tone, individual face details, hairstyle – including the thickness of body hair – and fight style.

Just like Madden and Fifa, it takes a while to master but a minute to play. Anyone who enjoys MMA or animated violence will enjoy the new, fully-packed instalment in the UFC series, but be warned – it may become repetitive (though that point seems very far off).




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