Tank Battles

Brian Brady
24 August, 2011
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Tank Battles

Gameloft, www.gameloft.com


Competitive game play and multiplayer options


Some levels are a little too hard



Tank Battles is a new, addictive game recently added to the Mac App store. It’s a top-down combat game in which you control a yellow World War II tank in battles against three rivals – red, blue and green.

You can get upgrades that make you faster, upgrade your missiles, or add invisibility, homing, rate of fire, invincibility and flame throwing. Different designs and types of tanks can also be unlocked and selected, with options like basic camo, military camo, woodland camo, desert camo, winter camo, funky camo and race camo. Each tank is built for better performance in different places – the winter camo is good in the snow arena, and so on.

Three different modes are available to play: battle, online and companion. In companion mode you can either play single player or two-player and you have 50 different levels to test your skills.

In gameplay, sliding doors can be annoying because the missiles rebound off the doors and hit you. Also, watch out for mud, as it can slow you down and slide you into mines. There is an air strike clock at the top of the game play screen which causes missiles to line up in rows covering the entire screen.

And watch out for Pistons, which are moving walls; if you are hit by one you lose a life. If you blow up a tank in battle it turns into a rocket launcher – you can still shoot them and gain more points.

If you want to play online you will have to make an account on the website www.gameloft.com. Online you can play other people who also have an account without actually having to be on the same network.

Brian Brady is an 11-year-old Mac nut.

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