Talk show host takes to the streets in iPhone 5 prank

Macworld Australia Staff
15 September, 2012
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US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has played a prank on Apple fans in the US, taking to the streets to give passers by a ‘first look’ at the iPhone 5, trouble was Kimmel was actually showing off Apple’s current iPhone 4S model – a fact that seemed to escape most.

Kimmel handed the 4S handset to people on the street, telling them it was the iPhone 5 and asking what they thought of Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone and how it compared to the 4S, in an experiment to see if they could tell the two models apart.

None of the participants interviewed could tell the iPhone they were looking at was in fact the iPhone 4S, even when comparing it to their own same-model device.

Many believed the fake iPhone 5 looked thinner and its screen appeared larger than the 4S.

One woman, comparing the iPhone to her own 4S model, was unable to tell the difference between the two devices, claiming Kimmel’s handset was “definitely faster”.

Kimmel joked that the experiment proved iPhone 5 chaos was all hype, with fans being blinded by the idea of something new, as opposed to the reality: “It’s all in your head”, he quipped.


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