Street Fighter X Tekken

Macworld Australia Staff
27 March, 2012
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Street Fighter X Tekken



Massive roster; looks amazing; fight as a bear!


Some lag in multiplayer; some characters feel overpowered



Providing an answer to many ‘What If?’ conversations between fighting-game fans, Street Fighter X Tekken is the first of two collaborations between Japanese game giants Capcom and Namco and marks the latest in a long line of Capcom’s hugely successful ‘VS‘ series. It’s available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We played it on PS3.

Boasting an impressive roster of 50 favourites (55 If you count the five PS3-exclusive characters) Street Fighter X Tekken combines the 2D brawling from the fantastic Street Fighter 4 with the frantic two-on-two gameplay from Tekken’s Tag mode, resulting in a smooth-flowing, flashy fighter that contains surprising depth within its fully-fleshed-out single-player mode and online integration.

The biggest change is with the Tekken cast jumping from the 3D realm over to a very Street Fighter 4-esque 2D format. However, the characters have been lovingly recreated in their new style and, despite being given modified move sets, they still manage to feel familiar so the change is not as jarring as expected.

The soundtrack has been lifted from the Tekken side of things, mixing techno, rock and even a bit of flavour-of-the-month dubstep into the mix. The moves themselves sound solid, with bone-breaking crunches, electrical zaps and thuds delivered when moves land on your hapless opponent.

Street Fighter X Tekken achieves exactly what it says on the box – it provides an expansive and colourful collection of characters from both sides of these two behemoth franchises with a balanced fighting system that will appeal to button-bashers and technical fighting fans alike. While not a revolution in 2D fighting, it will certainly impress.

I am intrigued to see what Namco does when it takes the reins for the second game in the series – Tekken X Street Fighter.



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