Jersey Shore’s Snooki talks iOS, ‘guidette’ couture and pickles (of course!)

Macworld Australia Staff
20 January, 2012
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If you haven’t heard of MTV’s hit reality TV sensation Jersey Shore, chances are you’ve been hiding under the weight of a rather large rock. The show documents a group (20-somethings of Italian-heritage) living it up under one roof in New Jersey. There’s hairspray, booze and brawls galore – a TV tonic that is both addictive and popular the world over.

Chief among the cast of extreme personalities is Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi: A pocket rocket with a gravity-defying bouffant and penchant for pickles and vodka concoctions. Snooki is fast becoming a global phenomenon; she’s about to rack up five million followers on Twitter and commands thousands of dollars for public appearances. Her specialties include tan application, fist pumping and falling over in public. She is loud, ‘gaudy’, unapologetic and universally adored.

Nu Joisy: The cast of Jersey Shore with standout star Snooki (pictured front and centre).

Macworld Australia recently chatted with Snooki about plans to release a series of self-branded iOS games (spearheaded by developer Apps Genius) that looks set to be a hit with her growing legion of ‘Snookified’ fans.

Snooki comes to iOS

Macworld: What makes your apps stand out from the pack? What makes them ‘Snooki’?

Snooki: Snooki stands out anywhere. When you think Snooki you think animal print, gaudy and tacky. So my apps are just like that.

MW: Can you tell us a bit about your first app?

S: Snookify me is an app where you can take a picture of yourself and basically snookify yourself, putting on my favorite outfits, sunglasses, poof, and give yourself a nice sexy tan. then you can  upload it to facebook and twitter.

MW: Will pickles or Crocadilly (beloved stuffed toy pet) feature in any of the apps?

S: Of course! theres alot of ideas that i have regarding apps.

MW: What’s one thing that you think people might be surprised to learn about you?

S: That i’m a homebody and i definetly prefer to stay in on the weekends watching movies and doing arts and crafts then go to the club and go crazy. I rather be home than do anything else.

MW: Give us your top fashion tips for getting your ‘guidette’ on?

S: Always be outuregeous whether it be with excessive animal print, neon colors. you can’t be shy to be gaudy and tacky. Just have your own style and screw what the fashion police thinks.

Stars are blind: Snooki out and about in typical ‘guidette’ fashion

MW: What are your favourite apps to use?

S: Well obvi ilove using snookify me to always snookify my boyfriend. But i do love family fued, bookworm and angrybirds!

MW: What’s been your craziest fan moment so far?

S: I wouldn’t say anything too crazy, but anywhere I go everyone notices me and always comes up to me and says how we can all be best friends, i think its soo cute.

MW: The house is on fire and you get to take one tech product with you – what would it be?

S: my phone.

MW: What do your roommates think of your app?

S: My roomates love it. the great thing about all of us is that we always support eachother and are proud of one another with anything that any of us come out with.

MW: Any plans to come to Australia?

S: I’d love to visit austrailia, ever since i saw Finding Nemo.

MW: Who’s your best friend in the Jersey house?

S: Jenni 100%

MW: Beyond the apps, what other plans do you have in the works? What do you want to achieve in your career?

S: I’m in the process right now of just branding myself and several products that my fans LOVE and i appreciate all their support becuase my dream was always to have my own line of products.


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  1. jacqui says:

    Love the show.. Cabs are here !! GTL baby. I would like to read more on this Italian-American Guido subculture.

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