Parody video introduces the ‘iMac touch’

Macworld Australia Staff
5 February, 2013
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The term ‘touchscreen’ is synonymous with Apple and its slew of iOS devices. Couple that with a multitude of apps that utilise the technology, and it seems any real-world activity can be replicated by touch on all of the company’s devices.

That’s the theory online pranksters LaughPong took and ran with, posting a clip showcasing Apple’s current line-up of touchscreen devices playing piano keys as an ensemble, in addition to a surprise new product.

The tune begins with an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod nano intermittently joining in the song, with each screen and key space growing smaller until the end, when the video movies on to introduce the marginally larger ‘iMac touch’.

The fictitious device sports a full set of piano keys (and just a hint of satire) as it caps off the song. Posted in October last year, the clip has already racked up well over a million views.

See the full video below:


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