iPad mistaken for a chopping board

Macworld Australia Staff
13 March, 2012
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A video from a popular German sketch comedy has gone viral.

The thirty-second clip shows an older man and his daughter  cooking in the kitchen.

The woman is stirring a pot, while the man appears to be cutting vegetables on a chopping board in the background.

As the elderly man brings the vegetables over to his daughter, he scrapes the chopped vegetables into the pot and it becomes apparent that the ‘chopping board’ is an iPad.

As his daughter looks on in horror, he scrapes the edge of his knife and taps it a few times on the iPad to make sure that it’s clean.

Still speechless and in shock the women watches, as her father then walks over to the sink, rinses the iPad under a the tap, and sticks it into the dishwasher.



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  1. Dylstra says:

    Yes, but did it still work?1

  2. xenicraft says:

    Sure it might have survived that, BUT WILL IT BLEND?!??

  3. Meincrannie says:

    Those Germans are funny guys!

  4. Andy says:

    Neatly solves the problem of what to do with the old iPad

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