Hot Cross Bunnies HD

Grace Robinson
22 April, 2011
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Easter is upon us and if you’re in the mood for a food fight, check out Hot Cross Bunnies HD –an app for iPad– by Fixdt.

Take up the Easter challenge and fling hot cross buns at flying balloons, using a catapult fashioned from bunny ears. If you manage to hit one or more of the balloons, they will pop and release special treats which, in turn, gain you points. The trick is to take aim at the balloons at the highest point of the screen, where the points get higher.

Killing multiple balloons with one bun gets you bonus points, and a ‘Double Pop’ or even ‘Triple Pop’ will get you to the next level quickly. In each level you have 10 balloons to target with five hot cross buns.  The higher the level, the faster the balloons will ascend.

This is a cute game for kids, and definitely a distraction to have on hand for the holiday after too much chocolate guzzling.

Playing time is limited, because there isn’t a great deal of variety to the game and once Easter is over, it’s a case of onto the next. Even so, Hot Cross Bunnies is entertaining and a good alternative or substitute for sugar-laden treats!

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