Tara Pritchard
4 December, 2011
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Pinc Studios,


Entertaining gameplay; striking graphics


The levels took a long time to complete



Ghostie is the little square- shaped ghost character who has to avoid various obstacles that it comes across to complete the level and unlock the next.

The game is a simple concept, just touch the screen to jump over the objects and pits that are in your Ghostie’s way. Each level has tokens to collect, which can be spent at the Ghosties store to buy secret levels, potions and other things to give you a helping hand if your finding an obstacle too difficult.

The dark and gloomy graphics along with the ominous music enhanced the game, giving it an exciting edge. Although the game is simple I also found it very frustrating and it took me almost 50 attempts to pass the first stage of the first level.

I found it hard making the educated guess as to where the Ghostie would land so it would jump the obstacle but not hit any others. The game became boring being continuously stuck on an obstacle and once I finally worked out how to pass it, an even harder obstacle would be waiting after it, so I’dd have to go back and do it all over again.

I’m probably not the best gamer, but I think the game started off too difficult and made out that it was practically impossible to finish. The other annoying thing about the app is it’s advertised as free, but that’s only for the first stage of level one. Once you progress pass stage one the in- app purchase pops up, saying if you want to continue playing you have to pay $0.99.

I liked how this Ghostie app was simple to play and how it gave the player the freedom to choose what Ghostie they wanted to play with. The ghostie store was also a fun addition to the app as it made you want to make more money so you could then go and spend it. Playing the game requires accuracy and patience, I found it frustrating at the start but once you get into the game its hard to stop playing. I’d recommend trying the Ghostie free download of stage one, so then you can decide for yourself if the game is worth the $0.99 to attempt to finish.

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