Babel Rising 3D

Sonia Sundarjee
18 June, 2012
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Babel Rising 3D

Ubisoft, App Store


Simple controls; Satisfying to eliminate the Babylonians using wide range of powers; Combos and achievements to be unlocked; Babel Store


Can get repetitive and tiresome



Hit game developer Ubisoft has another game on the rising. That’s right, the long anticipated sequel to the illustrious iPhone game has finally arrived!

Babel Rising 3D is an unique gaming experience that’s almost perfectly executed on iOS (other platforms include the PS3 and Xbox 360).

You are god, and Babylon has turned against you. Using your devastating powers of the elements, you must swipe, tap and shake your way through the battle to prevent the Babylonians from invading your sacred Kingdom of Heaven.

The gameplay is quite straightforward (thanks to a useful ‘How to Play’ option under the settings menu), so after a quick read of that, gamers are able to launch straight into the game.

There are two options presented to you: campaign, the ‘story mode’ option that includes three entertaining chapters; and survival, in which the objective is to basically try and stop the construction of the Babylonians for as long as you can.

Babel Rising 3D is probably one of the most satisfying games that I have on my phone, and by that I mean it’s just awesome to reign down hell on the little workers using balls of flames, deathly rocks, lightning bolts and rain, and to evoke shattering earthquakes, fires, floods and tornados from the tips of your fingers (literally!)


While this is fun, though, after a while it seems like the process can get a bit repetitive and tiresome.

You can also accomplish combos and unlock achievements that you can brag to your about friends about in Game Center.

Another neat little addition to this game is the ‘Babel Store’, where you can upgrade your element powers or buy extras – for example, scrolls or passive powers – which adds an extra, addictive feature to the game.

The epic music and impressive graphics also contribute to what Ubisoft always aims for and never fails to deliver – a full package.


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