Apple fanboy now owns a Galaxy SIII smartphone in new Samsung commercial

Macworld Australia Staff
28 June, 2012
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See if you can spot the difference in Samsung’s latest commercials for its newly released Galaxy SIII smartphone.

Since the launch of the device, Samsung has aired three new ads for it. This time around, however, the company seems to have moved in a more ‘compassionate’ and ‘human’ direction, emphasising important moments in life where the handset can enhance the experiences.

One other noticeable appearance in the latest slew of commercials is a familiar face that starred in a previous ad for the company.

The earlier ad – which was aired during the Super Bowl in the US –took place outside an Apple Store, where a line of Apple fans were camped outside waiting for the release of a product. Among the fanatics was one fanboy, excited to get his hands on the device, despite the fact that he knew very little about it, or what it could do.

Before: The Apple fanboy in Samsung’s earlier commercial waits with a group of others outside an Apple Store to buy whatever new product the company is selling.

Fast forward to now and one of Samsung’s new commercials features the same fanboy, only this time he owns a Galaxy SIII smartphone!

After: New Samsung convert and former Apple fanboy is now the proud owner of the Galaxy SIII smartphone.

Check out this ad and the other two from Samsung’s SIII campaign below.


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  1. Ahmed Sayed says:

    Haha nice Samsung

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