Anomaly Warzone Earth

Jordan Parsons
26 October, 2011
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Anomaly Warzone Earth



Fantastic graphics; easy to understand controls


Don’t have total control over your troops’ actions



Anomaly Warzone Earth has taken the tower defence genre and turned it on its head.

Instead of building up your defences you go on the offence, leading your troops through a maze of obstacles laid out by an army of alien invaders.

The game itself looks fantastic and has a simple story, so you can quickly get into the battles. The controls are easy to understand and follow, and simple to remember.

There is, however, a tactical side to the game, as you have to carefully pick your route through the map, from the safest but longest route to the quickest and deadliest one.

Anomaly has great graphics and is fun to watch, but you’ll have to make sure you get your tactics right to proceed to the next level.

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