Alleged Samsung Galaxy campaign stages Sydney Apple Store protest

Macworld Australia Staff
27 April, 2012
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A recent protest staged outside a Sydney Apple store saw a black bus painted with the words ‘WAKE UP.’ on the side, flanked by protesters who repeatedly chanted to Apple customers to “wake up!”

A teaser campaign marked by the words ‘WAKE UP.’ is counting down to the launch of a mystery product in Australia. The campaign believed to be local agency Tongue who is working alongside Samsung for the global launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone.

Check out the video below of the protest in Sydney. For more details on the upcoming campaign, click here.


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  1. Peter T. says:

    I’ll only buy a Samsung phone if they make me wait at lest six months, hopefully more, every time an Android update is released. Afterall, there’s nothing more fun that waiting and waiting and waiting ad nauseum for updates. Then, of course, there is the even bigger joy of not receiving updates at all for relatively new phones. /sarcasm

    No thanks, I’ll stick with Apple!

  2. Ian J says:

    What a mature marketing strategy (not) !!
    I think it is Samsung and Android that need to wake up and smell the roses….Apple is king for good reason…rock solid high quality products and services. I’d like to see other manufacturer live up to Apple’s high standards.

    I wouldn’t consider Samsung or Android never time soon, and this marketing strategy makes them even less attractive. I’m with Peter T, when you’re on a good thing (Apple) stick to it !!

  3. Peter Headford says:

    I shake my head,I scratch my b-lls WTF !
    The real winners here are the people that were paid to chant ,
    And of course the people in the store buying a great product ,
    The losers are Samsung as how embarrasing is it that they would do the equivalent of the owner of a Toyota corolla chanting and holding a placard up in the face of a rolls Royce owner chanting loser loser loser
    Whatever Samsung whatever

  4. Adam says:

    OMG.. seems Samsung has Attention Deficit Syndrome to exhibit such tantrums.. better get a child psychologist quick..

  5. Chris says:


    All idiots.
    It was Blackberry.

    I rest my case.

  6. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    This is a story written before RIM’s involvement was made clear.

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