“Win an iPhone with Australian Macworld” competition Terms and Conditions

6 June, 2008
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  1. This competition is run by Niche Media PTY LTD ABN 1306 461 3529.
  2. iPhone handset prizes are subject to the outright purchase of iPhone handset units independently of any Australian or international mobile telephone carrier contractual agreement. In the event of iPhone handsets not made available for purchase other than on a contracted plan, Niche Media Pty Ltd and Australian Macworld reserve the right to substitute the iPhone handset prizes for a cash prize not exceeding AUD$299.00 per winner. Niche Media Pty Ltd and Australian Macworld make no undertaking to provide winners with any ongoing contractual services with any Australian or international mobile telphone carriers.
  3. This competition is only open to Australian residents.
  4. All videos submitted become the property of Niche Media PTY LTD ABN 1306 461 3529
  5. You must be safe. Plastic and metal parts can be sharp, and other mobile parts may be toxic. Wear protective clothing/equipment.
  6. Keep others safe. You agree not to undertake any activity that is reckless and that is going to get anyone else hurt either physically or mentally.
  7. Be legal. Don’t do anything that involves, for example, the destruction of anyone else’s property or the use of prohibited weapons.
  8. You must be the legal owner of the mobile device that you ‘destroy’.
  9. You must remove your phone’s battery first — those things are dangerous.
  10. You must be responsible. Once your phone is destroyed, hand the remains over to Mobile Muster (http://www.amta.org.au/aoi.asp?ID=Recycling) so they can dispose of the materials safely and reclaim anything that can be recycled. Don’t send that stuff to landfill.
  11. By participating in this competition, you agree to assume all risks involved in your participation and agree not to undertake any activities deemed illegal with the jurisdiction of any of the laws of any of the States of Australia, Commonwealth of Australia and any or all other laws governing her States and Territories.
  12. By participating in this competition, you agree to release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Niche Media Pty Ltd, its officers, participants, promoters, sanctioning organization or any subdivision thereof, owners, directors, their personal representatives, assignees, heirs, and next of kin for any loss or damage on account of injury to person (including death) or property as a result of this participation.
  13. Competition ends on the 13th of August.

Failure to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions will result in instant disqualification form the competition.

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