Will 2017 be the year of the Mac?

Anthony Caruana
23 January, 2017
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I’m not one for making predictions. As I’ve said before, trying to guess what Apple will do next is a mug’s game. It rarely follows market trends, preferring to set its own agenda and will release new products when it is good and ready – not when its customers want them.

Apple has moved into a reasonably predictable pattern with the release of the iPad and iPhone. Typically, during the first half of the year, a new iPad hits the shelves with updated iPhones coming in the seond half.

The iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle don’t get a lot of attention these days. We may see an update to the iPod touch with a faster processor and some new colours, but I think the days of the iPod are falling away.

But the Mac – that’s a different story. The release of the new MacBook Pro in September was not all smooth sailing. The new TouchBar was variously applauded and derided by reviewers and there was great controversy late in the year when Consumer Reports reported some baffling battery life test results (which have since been explained and will be resolved).

I suspect the entire Mac product line will be refreshed. The Mac Pro has not seen a single update since its release in 2013. Surely, it will be updated with new processors, better storage and memory options.

The MacBook Air is almost a redundant product line in my view. The MacBook fills the needs of those looking for an ultra-thin notebook and the 13in MacBook Pro covers those looking for a more highly specced machine.

We’ll get our annual update to macOS later in the year as well.

What I’d really like is for Apple to commit to at least annual hardware refreshes for all the Macs. Each year, CPU, memory and storage technology improves. At the moment, Mac users miss all of that and I know it’s sending some Mac users over to the Windows side of the world.

So, if anyone at Apple is reading this, how about showing your loyal Mac users the same sort of love you show iPhone and iPad users, who get annual processor and hardware improvements?

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  1. Tom says:

    The Mac Pro is ridiculous. There is nothing professional nor innovative about it. And mind you the 2013 upgrade came 3 years after the last speed bump. As a professional, I can’t afford to choose a secretive company that refuses to give its corporate clients any kind of insurance that they even plan to make any more “pro” computers. I flat out refuse to pay full price for 3 year old tech being sold today like it were a brand new computer. Hey Phil… save the innovate bluster for consumer products. You want to innovate? How about asking you pro customers what they need rather than what you think we need? How about some reassurance your not going to ditch us? How about a rack mountable solution for a “pro” environment?

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