What’s happening with HomeKit?

Anthony Caruana
29 May, 2017
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Home automation has been one of those tech promises that has never quite been fulfilled. Apple championed the cause through its HomeKit platform, but there haven’t been too many companies that have jumped on the platform in a big way. I’ve been using some Belkin WeMo gear at my home, but it uses its own communications and control standards that don’t work with HomeKit. Although there is now available a new bridge device that allows WeMo devices to play with HomeKit.

There are other HomeKit devices, but I really haven’t seen a lot of market or customer enthusiasm for home automation.

Some vendors, such as Elgato and Philips, have embraced it and I recently reviewed the Schlage Sense door lock. Being able to remotely control devices is nifty, but I’m looking for the ability for devices to work together. For example, when I unlock the door, the lights come on automatically (but only when it’s dark) and the heater or air-conditioning are turned on when I’m on my way home, when the weather is too cold or hot.

HomeKit’s promise is the ability, not to just control, but to integrate devices so they work together.

I’m curious – are you interested in home automation? Is it something you’d like to know more about? Is it something you’re doing? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. CHAD Hyett says:

    I’m actually seeing a lot of HomeKit devices popping up. Now, not nearly as much as Z wave, but the ones that are HomeKit certified are thoughtful, and secure. So the slowness in getting HomeKit devices to the market has good intent.

  2. John Wilkins says:

    I am designing an entertainment wing off my home.. it will include a 12000L aquarium, hot tub, VR area, TV etc. The amount of equipment is a bit scarey . The aquarium alone requires all sorts of pumps, heaters,chillers,lights, filters. The area will need humidity control and so on. Some of the high level aquarium equiment have their own remote control functionality via iPad/iPhone apps. But an integrated system would be a dream for me.

    Even an Auatralian compatible 240V wall plug would allow me to control multiple devices with Homekit.. but alas I can not find one on the market.
    If anyone knows of one or when one may be available in the future I would be grateful for the info.

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