What’s an Apple Watch fitting about?

Anthony Caruana
10 April, 2015
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Apple-Watch-what-we-know-apple-macworld-australia1I spent some time at my local Apple Store today, getting fitted for an Apple Watch. Here’s what it was like.

As always, when I entered the Apple Store I was greeted by a smiling face. We were then directed to the person who was going to help me with my Apple Watch fitting.

The sales associate, Andrew, walked me through my choices. Essentially, there were four options for me: Apple Watch or Apple Watch Sport with either a 38mm or 42mm display.

I tried Apple Watch Sport with both displays before settling on my preferred size – 42mm. The difference isn’t major on my wrist. When you buy an Apple Watch you get two bands – a larger one and a smaller one. Swapping bands is very easy. Simply press what Andrew called a “lozenge” on the back of the watch’s face and slide the band out.

The Apple Watch Sport band has a traditional buckle but the tail of the band tucks in under the band rather than over so there’s no “flappy” end on the band.

I also tried an Apple Watch with a quilted black leather band. Unlike any other watch I’ve tried, the quilted band was loaded with magnets so it could adjust to my wrist size very precisely.

My local Apple Store didn’t stock the Apple Watch Edition – with its 18K gold body and $14000 price tag so I didn’t get to try that.

Part of the experience is putting the try-on Apple Watch into demo mode. This scrolls through a number of different scenarios automatically so you can see and feel the watch in action with the various beeps, vibrations (the haptic feedback) and applications. There was also a working watch for me to play with but this was locked into a display so I could use the button, touchscreen and Digital Crown to play with the different features of the Apple Watch.

Although the whole process took just 15 minutes or so, including my teenage son getting in on the act and trying one, I came out with a clear idea that a 42mm display fitted my wrist best. Other than being made from different materials and having different bands, the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport are functionally identical. So, I figured I’d be happy with either and just have a few different bands to swap when I wanted a different look.

If you’re planning to buy an Apple Watch on April 24 then I’d suggest investing the time at your local Apple Store or Apple Watch reseller to try one on and see what will suit you best.

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