What is that? Wolfram Image Identify can answer

Anthony Caruana
14 May, 2015
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Here at the Macworld Australia mothership we often need to find images of specific things. And while all of the major search engines have an image search function, they are heavily dependent on image uploaders providing the right metadata. However, Wolfram – the company that provides some of Siri’s search power – have created software that can answer the question – what is that?

Image Identify lets you drag and drop an image into a web browser and have it identified.

There’s a technical blog entry written by Stephen Wolfram that explains how Image Identify works.

We’re looking forward to this being written into an app. Imagine being able to point your camera at something while you’re touring a new city or see an interesting animal in the wild and finding out what it is.

Of course, with this week’s new that Skype’s universal translator is publicly available, we are one step closer to devices that can interact with the world in ways that were hard to imagine just a decade ago.

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