Weekend Apple News Wrap

Anthony Caruana
27 April, 2015
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Safari, help, ios, macworld australia, newsEvery Monday morning, from now on, we’re planning to bring you a quick wrap up of five Apple-related news stories from around the web that popped into our feed.

Not surprisingly, much of the news has been dominated by the Apple Watch although there are a few other interesting tidbits.

Incredibly, it took just one day for Apple Watch to outsell every Google Wear watchmaker, combined, ever.  More on that story from Cult of Android.

Many people have wondered about the Apple Watch’s battery life and the impact it will have on their iPhone’s power drain. According to forum posts at Mac Rumors early results are inconclusive with users reporting a wide variety of different experiences. That’s not surprising as the use-cases for the Apple Watch are likely to be highly personalised.

Australian inventor Jonathan Zuvela has launched an Indiegogo funding campaign to create the “world’s smartest earphones”. Inline most wireless headsets, the two sides aren’t connected. His campaign was looking to raise $20,000USD to get the project started but this Lithgow-based entrepreneur has smashed that target. The headphones can even store music so you can listen to music iPhone-free – great for sporty types.

Over at the RSA Conference last week, a zero-day vulnerability that allowed unauthorised users to crash iOS devices connected to a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot was demonstrated. We’ll be covering this later today in a little more depth but you can get a preview at The Hacker News.

Thankfully, Apple seems to have tightened up their rules for “acceptable” apps when it comes to the Apple Watch. That early staple of the iOS App Store – the fart app – has been banned by Apple according to a report at SlashGear.


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