Vodafone and 3 Mobile release iPhone 4 prices too

Xavier Verhoeven
27 July, 2010
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In a day of telco press releases, Vodafone Hutchison Australia has announced pricing for both its Vodafone and 3 Mobile brands. They had previously tweeted that they would make their announcements tomorrow (Wednesday) but after Telstra and Optus revealed their plans today, it appears VHA has decided to follow suit.

“Vodafone and 3′s plans for the Apple iPhone 4 are affordable and packed with data, call and text value,” said VHA marketing director John Casey. “Customers will have access to great features and innovative apps helping them get the most out of their iPhone 4 at a price point to suit their needs”.

Neither company is opening at midnight on Thursday to mark the occasion (as both Telstra and Optus have planned).

The 3 plans start at $39 for $200 worth of calls and 150MB data (plus 1GB bonus).

The full details are as follows:

Vodafone kicks things off with a $29 cap that includes $180 worth of calls and 50MB data (plus 500MB bonus).

The full plans are listed below:

(Sorry for the quality of the tables.)

UPDATE: Vodafone has announced that select Vodafone and 3 Mobile stores will be opening at midnight Thursday to launch the iPhone 4. Click here to see the list of stores.

UPDATE 2: That previous information was incorrect. Vodafone and 3 Mobile stores will not be opening at midnight on Thursday. This list of stores will have the iPhone 4 during normal business hours on Friday. Vodafone and 3 Mobile will both begin selling iPhone 4 on their websites from midnight Thursday. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks to the commenters for pointing out the error.


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  1. Nick says:

    Very interesting with the bonus 1GB of data. Hopefully true, but won’t hold my breath.

    What I (and I’m sure others by the looks of these plans) want to know is what deals they’ll do for upgrading from iPhone 3G S….

    Possibility of upgrading from 3G S $69 Cap plan to iPhone 4 $49 plan without having to pay through the nose?????

    Unfortunately, I think slim to nil….

  2. Paul says:

    I would like to know what they are going to do for those customers that want to update their current iPhones. It’s ok to have great plans but if you don’t have the coverage to back it up the plans are useless. In Vodafone’s case they need to do a lot of work on their network coverage in country areas instead of thinking about the city people like they do.

  3. Jubjub says:

    You say that Vodafone has announced that they will opening their stores at midnight on Thursday but their website doesn’t actually say that.

    It says “Not keen to stay up late to get a new Apple iPhone 4? The following stores will also be selling the new Apple iPhone 4 during normal business hours from 30 July.”

    It’s a little ambiguous, but to me that can also mean that those stores will only be open during normal business hours on Friday…meaning that the stores opened from midnight are some other ones. I hope not, because one of my local stores is on the list! :D

  4. Tim says:

    I rang up one of the stores and they are NOT opening at midnight. They also told me that they don’t think there are any of their stores opening at midnight.

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