Vine’s new website makes its six-second videos more time-sucking than ever

Caitlin McGarry
6 January, 2014
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In a move that will open Vine up to a broader audience, the social video app has finally launched a real website at

It was obvious Vine was headed for desktop users after opening up vanity URL registration in mid-December. Once users could navigate to their profiles at, a web presence was inevitable.

The site puts Vine videos in a centralised depository, so users can share their profiles or past Vines. Previously, you had to rely on third-party viewers like SeeNive to backtrack to older content. You can comment on or like videos on the website, just as you can on Vine’s iOS and Android apps.

It seems Vine is part of Twitter’s efforts to become more easily accessible to the mainstream. You don’t have to use the app to watch videos anymore, though you might want to install it after watching endless loops of your favourite clips.

A new web-only feature prevents those clips from looping endlessly. TV Mode lets you watch a user’s videos in a continuous full-screen feed by clicking the TV icon at the top-right of a profile. The feature makes Vine even more time-sucking than it already is. Proceed with caution.

vine web tv mode

Vine's TV mode plays all of a user's videos, non-looping, one after the other, in full screen. Nice.

Vine’s new web presence also makes the service more competitive with Instagram, which also began as a mobile-only app and then rolled out web profiles and desktop feeds for users. The move served only to boost Instagram’s base, which now tallies about 150 million monthly active users – and half of those check their feeds every day.

Like Instagram, Vine is keeping its content creation strictly for smartphone users, which means no shooting or uploading videos via the website. Vine may have finally built out a web presence, but the app is still mobile-first.

by Caitlin McGarry, TechHive

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