Users complain iOS 5.0.1 neglects battery issues

Ben Camm-Jones
14 November, 2011
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Some users are claiming that iOS 5.0.1 hasn’t fixed issues with battery life that it was supposed to remedy.

In fact, some who have applied the update are even reporting that the battery lifespan of their iOS device is even worse, according to a thread on Apple’s discussion forum.

“After upgrading to 5.0.1 my iPhone is draining the battery even faster! Anyone else seeing this problem?” one post reads.

“I can support this too.. After installing 5.01 i charged it up fully before going to bed and after 7 hrs just sitting there lost 79%, and have lost further 5% while logging in and typing this. Going to try a full back up and restore this eve…” wrote another.

“Before the 5.0.1 update I actually didn’t have any battery problems on my iPhone 4S. But thanks to this update I now seem to have one, too,” another reads.

Not everyone agreed, though. “After the update my battery life is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER. Perhaps you are all not applying your settings correctly or have apps running in the background. People jump on the bandwagon so quickly when they don’t even know what the true cause of the issue is. It might be user error,” another post reads.

Apple hasn’t issued a response yet, though we want to hear from those of you who have upgraded to iOS 5.0.1. Tell us what your experience has been in the Comments section below.


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  1. Ben Kirton says:

    Do a battery calibration. Search and there is an article in apples website.

    One of the issues is that it thinks the battery has less life than it does. I had tomtom running on 1% battery for over 20 minutes.

    Follow apples recommendations and you should see it get better.

    Basically, charge completely to 100% an then let it drain until it turns off. Next charge will be much better.

  2. Melinda says:

    I’ve updated to the latest iOS, turned off all notifications and turned off iCloud (not interested in suing that just yet), turned off all applications running / on in the background, drained the battery life to zero and recharged back to 100% in one go (without using the phone for anything else). Power status was 95% when I went to bed, after a word game or two, it was at 89%, which didn’t seem too bad, but not encouraing. Since checking only a few e-mails, a little time on Safari, it’s now at 85% and it’s only midday.

    Last week, after the same work-out but with all the options stated above turned on (except iCloud, as it wasn’t there) power status would still be above 90%.

    I wouldn’t say I am a power user but now, I wouldn’t want to be!

  3. Michael Cuddihy says:

    Absolutely now problems with ios 5 on my iphone 4 but now diabolical on ios 5.01. Drained from 100% at 10:30pm to flat at 500am.

  4. Phil says:

    Mine’s a brand new 4s. I hadn’t even set it up when the update was available/prompted for install.
    A full power cycle/charge/drain/calibrate (call it what you will) and hard reset/restore from backup/restore as new were all tried. I can literally watch the battery drain – loading up a web page on the Apple discussion forum takes over 1%.
    From a 100% full charge last night with a clean boot (i.e. no apps launched at all) I checked two emails and made one 2 minute call this morning. Battery was down to 20% by 09:00. Then died completely by 10:30 whilst idle.
    Unless Apple ‘fess up to an issue they intend to fix, the two iPhones and iPad I bought are going back and being swapped for something Androidy.

  5. Smith Mikes says:

    yes its true I have also some problem to use 5.01 I hope I find the error solution thanks for you post about this matter

  6. Melinda says:

    Found a suggestion elsewhere on the web to remove the e-mail accounts, and re-load them again. And reset it somewhere in between. So last night, when the power level was @ 21% I deleted my two e-mail accounts, turned the phone off completely, turned it back on again (unlocking the SIM) and reloaded my e-mail accounts. I then let the phone completely drain again and charged it back to full overnight. I think this has improved the situation as today (midday) the power level is as 98% whereas yesterday it was 85%. (with similar usage) Once I think this has helped I’ll reinstate notifications and wi-fi etc, where I had it at before the update, and then monitor power levels again.

  7. Andres says:

    Just bought a brand new iphone 4, coming from a shitty blackberry storm2, first day battery was awesome at 4.3.3 think so, after upgrading to ios 5 things started to go worse every minute without doing anything, battery droped by a 10% or even 20 each hour, i event thought about giving it back to my carrier, waited patiently to ios 5.0.1 first tried de developer one, and really things improved incredibly from the first day tried it for about a week, well then magic apple released the official one, as you have to, i upgraded it, and guess what, after this shitty upgrade battery came back to what it was on ios 5 not that extremely bad, but still droping battery nonesense, hope apple adresses this issue, or they will lose another big market share to android counterpart.

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