Unlock your Telstra iPhone for free

Xavier Verhoeven
18 October, 2010
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If you have a Telstra iPhone, but would like to be able to use it on another network, you’re in luck. Telstra has announced that iPhone customers can now get their device unlocked free of charge.

Previously, unlocking an iPhone – which is especially useful for travellers who wish to use local SIMs rather than be subject to expensive global roaming charges – cost $150 for all Telstra customers.

All Telstra iPhones will still be locked when sold, but customers can get them unlocked simply by calling Telstra on 1800 474 663 for consumers and 1800 027 167 for business customers. All you need is your mobile number, iPhone serial number and IMEI number handy. You can access these numbers via Settings > About on your iPhone. Once the unlocking occurs on Telstra’s end, you’ll just need to connect your iPhone to iTunes and it will be unlocked and ready to use with other networks.


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  1. batistta says:

    Ok kiddies

    Now my iphone was purchased on Ebay from aussie seller whom had purchased it from JBHiFi (phones locked to Telstra.

    Called 1800iphone got diverted to three different exchanges till a person on the other ends
    said ” How Can I help you”?
    I replied ” I would like to unlock my iphone 3gs from telstra”
    he said ” Can I have your Imei No “?
    I replied “0120###########”
    A couple of minutes later he returned and advised to wait 4 hours or so connect to itunes
    Step 1. connect to Itunes (current Version), check for updates
    Step 2. Back up your data on iphone
    Step 3. Click restore (itunes)wait then synchronise itunes/iphone
    Step 4. Turn iphone off, wait a few seconds then turn iphone back on.

    cost for this service $FREE$

  2. batistta says:

    Ok guys


    Did exaclty was was required to the exact procedure

    replace simcard from another carrier (vodafone)

    nope still locked to Telstra worked fine once telstra sim was inserted.

    What can i say??

  3. Wince says:

    Rang Telstra business mobile phone option (several minutes). When connected, operator stated ‘…he wasn’t yet trained for mobile phones and would have to transfer me to another section’!!!!!
    Several more minutes of waiting later, gave new operator IMEI and serial #’s of the two iPhones I wanted unlocked. Several minutes of holding later she stated that I would need to wait 48hrs for them to be unlocked after which I needed to go through the iTunes routine.
    This episode took over 30 minutes in total. The phones that I supposedly own are useless to me for a significant period or perhaps Telstra is trying to make it as difficult and/or painful as possible to switch.

    I will not forget this. Telstra can whistle dixie if it thinks it will get any business from me ever again. I will not buy a phone from any carrier in the future.

  4. michael says:


  5. Angelo says:

    Well i just spoke to telstra. My Iphone will be unlocked in 5 hours. Was on the phone for about 3 min. Fast and wonderful service. Well done to them. Oh and i called them at 11.30 p.m and they were still there and happy to help me.

  6. Jodie says:

    I bought an iphone locked to Telstra today.
    I called them tonight and spent only 6 mins on the phone. I have been told to wait 5 hours then sync with itunes and it should be done.
    As much as I dislike Telstra, I couldn’t fault their service :)

  7. Sean says:

    I have a iphone 4 that i brought at the apple store and its not locked just because i paid for it outright and i would recamend anyone to buy them from the apple store here in australia and they are factory unlocked

  8. Shaun says:

    Very impressed with the service. I scored a 3G from a friend who upgraded to a 4S. So I called the number provided the IMEI, plugged in 5 minutes later and unlocked iPhone!

  9. Toby says:

    Just had my Telstra iPhone unlocked. It took me longer to restore the iPhone than it did to get it unlocked! Great service from their employees, they had everything sorted within 3 minutes.

  10. Sonia says:

    I still have to wait for my 6 hours of waiting, but I called telstra and they were a great help. I was researching for hours how to unlock my phone and finally found this and was pretty much the best thing ever. Great and quick service done in about 4 minutes.

  11. Pat says:

    I just use telstra online chat service on the telstra website, which is 24/7 service. Gave them my account number, password, IMEI# and it’s done instantly! Nice not to have to wait on the queue over the phone :)

  12. gurinder says:

    i m now out of australia.. how to call them from country at which i am.. any email contact of telstra?


  13. Limbles_One says:

    Found this site by accident and read all an rang telstra …
    phone was unlocked within 2 day’s at no cost….3 minutes on the phone and was done.

  14. Dean says:

    Did this just recently.

    Great work Telstra and it was great to talk to an Australian too!!

    Keep the jobs here! Things get done so much faster when you speak to an aussie :)

  15. Raja says:

    I am also out of Australia now. I can not see any link to web site where i can upload my imei and so on and get my iphone unlock free. Please mail me link.

  16. Sandeep says:

    how to get my iPhone unlocked….i am not in Australia…..so unable to call customer care…..is there is any way to do it Online

  17. Ryder says:

    Just did all of this, was on the phone to Telstra for a bout 5 mins!
    But do I have to update my iPhone in order for it to
    Be unlocked??

  18. Ben says:

    Called Telstra followed the instructions, all good I thought until I arrived in the uk. Phone still locked to the Telstra network. Had to buy a cheap phone instead, very disappointed. There should be a confirmation that it has been unlocked. Spent a month without my precious, damn u Telstra.

  19. vic says:

    was with optus , called this number , the guy from telstra only wanted my imei no: , gave it to him . he told me to wait 5hrs then connect to itune for update , all done & unlocked
    ;) &&& it was for free !!!!!!!

  20. David says:

    It worked for me. If outside Australia call +61 and then the number.

  21. Michael Smith says:

    I did all this and now I’m overseas using the still UNLOCKED iPhone roaming! It just did not work. It’s still locked when I attempted to put in new sim card in New York At&T. Now I’m in Canada and how the hell do you ring Telstra from here on a 1800 number? I guess now I will have to google that. I’ve spend too much time walking everywhere to even find a telco shop here! It’s becoming a nightmare.

  22. *happy says:

    Nokia N9 had to be sent to Nokia for repairs and my brother let me use his old Iphone 3 (cause he upgraded) til I get mine back.. So he gives it to me but its locked to Telstra. Need to unlock cause im with Optus. Rang the 1800 number, spoke to a customer service consultant who asked for the IMEI number.. and presto ALL DONE.. she said I have to wait for 5-72hours, advised to log into Itunes and DONE DEAL, Congratulation, your Iphone has been unlocked!!! ***Worked for me*** Im sure it can work for you!!

  23. tuannguyen says:

    I was given an iPhone 4 Telstra network, please unlock my phone for me to use.I am currently in Vietnam.I thank you very much

  24. Yu says:

    Does it work with iPhone from Vodafone Australia

  25. tuan says:

    I bought it on Ebay, it lock the Telstra network.you please help me to unlock

  26. Stevo says:

    Rang just then at 12:00am on phone 2 mins bam unlocked

  27. Rohit J says:

    Thank you for this article. Unlocked my iPhone 4 in under 3 minutes over the phone and got the nano SIM change from the Telstra shop (Munno Para, SA) in under 15 minutes. Just brilliant.
    Keep up the great work.
    Thank you.

  28. Connor S says:

    Well, last night I had tried to unlock my iPhone 3. It was a hand-me-down from a friend so it had a disconnected Telstra SIM on it and I’m with Optus. I called the Telstra iPhone service, told them that it was a hand-me-down and I wanted it unlocked from Telstra as so I can use my Optus SIM card in it.
    Submitted my IMEI number, went on hold for also 20 minutes before I was told I STILL HAVE TO PAY THE $150!
    I don’t know why, but I apparently still have to.

  29. Nick says:

    I just used there 24×7 Live Chat tool. The consultant could unlock my iphone 5 without any fee. He also gave instructions of what I would need to do next on iTunes. Don’t bother calling

  30. Connor says:

    Will i need to give anything else other then my IMEI number?

  31. Bilal says:

    hello guys can anyone tell me how i unlock iphone online free thanks in advance gsm_wiz skype id i will wait ur reply……

  32. Sadface says:

    I called Telestra different times with their different customer service numbers and every time I was asked to pay $150… whyyyyyy????? =(

  33. Brian Stevens says:

    I just spoke to 2 Telstra people, asking what it would cost to unlock an iphone 4S. I want to know before I purchase a phone. One told me between $27.50 and $150, but couldn’t give me a real price until after I buy the phone. She also wanted to know irrelevant things like my date of birth.
    The other was in Telstra Business place and couldn’t tell me anything.
    Telstra sucks. If it wasn’t for their network coverage I wouldn’t have a bar of them.

  34. ignatious mupati says:

    Got my iphone4s from my brother and its locked to telstra. i would want it unlocked please help

  35. Kathy M. says:

    If anyone is having a problem with their code or is looking for a place to get a code to unlock their phone, I would suggest giving unlockyoursim.com a go. It doesn’t cost at all, you just need to complete a short survey (I know, one of those!) but it worked for me so.. it’s worth trying out. :)

  36. peter says:

    called they gave me link said it would take 72hours 5min done

  37. flemming says:

    I bought an iPhone 5s from telstra and on returning to Germany put in my german sim card.”Invalid sim” is what I get and so far telstra have had difficulties helping me. Any advice?

  38. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Sorry – I’m not sure how to help you. Will your carrier in Germany help? Have you called Apple support?

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