Twitter reacts to Facebook Instagram acquisition

Macworld Australia Staff
10 April, 2012
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The news of Facebook’s US$1 billion acquisition of Instagram spread like wildfire on Twitter, provoking all sorts of heated responses from users in support and protest of the move, with some even threatening to delete their Instagram accounts.

We’ve scoured Twitter to find out what everyone is saying about the news. Below are some standout tweets currently doing the rounds online.

“Instagram = 1 billion. Kodak = bankrupt” @rkref

“Facebook pays $1bn for Instagram which has made no money. Crazy? $33 per user is in same ballpark a publisher wd pay to acquire a subscriber” @macusermagazine

” 6 person team at Instagram will split $1,000,000,000 – Some people play #megamillions, and some people create photosharing apps” @Vivek5

“Instagram has changed its relationship status to ‘it’s complicated’” @AlexEHeath

“Apparently, a picture is not worth a thousand words… It is worth $1 billion” @AdwaAlDakheel

“FaceTagram? InstaBook? Whatever You Call It, All Your Photo Are Belong to Facebook (for $1 Billion)” @karawisher

“Who needs a monetization strategy? Just build an amazing product, and sell to Facebook, Twitter and Google” @JordanRaynor

“Facebook buys Instagram, Microsoft buys Netscape. Hmmmmmm” @dr_nic

“Everyone on Twitter just turned into a hipster post Facebook Instagram acquaisition. Photo filters just sold-out to the man” @kirstenstubbs

“Dear Facebook, Please Don’t Ruin Instagram” @mashable

“MySpace acquires Hipstamatic for $100″ @tonykingnyc

“Facebook buying Instagram? Oh GOD. Are they determined to buy everything I like and ruin it? (That said, they can have my parents for $1bn)” @helenlewis

“A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Filters. On. Everything” @andymangold

“I can’t believe Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion! The fun’s over! Time to delete my Instagram account now. Also, what’s Instagra?” @Betty@$#*%!White

“It’s kind of suprising that Google didn’t buy instagram. Were they just outbid? Facebook doing what it takes to own social” @carney

“A photo sharing service bought another photo sharing service” @pakman

“Everyone still employed at Kodak just thought to themselves, “for @$#*%! sake” @keelTV”

What do you think of Facebook’s new purchase? Leave your own thoughts in the comments field.



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  1. Some Random Bloke says:

    Don’t Facebook, don’t Instagram, don’t care.

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