Towncraft now on iPhone and Mac

Madeleine Swain
28 April, 2014
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The successful Australian games developer, Flat Earth Games, creator of the gentle town building experience, Towncraft, has now released the game on both iPhone and Mac.

Towncraft (elevator pitch: ‘Minecraft meets The Sims‘) is the first game released by Flat Earth Games, a company run by brothers Leigh and Rohan Harris. The duo, interviewed by Macworld Australia last November, originally released the game for the iPad at last year’s Pax gaming conference in July, before going on to receive a grant from Screen Australia as development funding for its porting to iPhone.

They’ve now used that money and launched the game on the iPhone, but also on the Mac. Sticking to their pledge of ‘no in-app purchases ever’, the Harris brothers have made the app available on the App Store for $6.49 (iPhone and iPad) or $12.99 (Mac).

The new platforms bring new features – “a whole new level of polish, content, depth and replay value highlighted by four new levels, 30 new resources, new building types and structures, plus 44 new quests”.

And if there’s anyone out there hanging on for an Android release, the advice is ‘don’t hold your breath’. When interviewed last year, Rohan Harris emphasised that Apple’s ecosystem was definitely the priority, saying that once the iPhone and Mac had been catered for, Windows would be next, with Android yet to be confirmed.

“We spent a lot of time looking at sales figures for Android versus development costs and we’ve figured out if we’re hitting this number of sales at that point it becomes potentially viable to do an Android port. And we’re just looking at it as a pure numbers game. We’ve kept our options open in terms of using a framework that can build across all these platforms,” said Harris.


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