Time capsule reveals original Lisa mouse

Madeleine Swain
13 February, 2014
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A show on the National Geographic Channel called Diggers has unearthed a time capsule, with an original mouse for the Lisa inside. When the time capsule was first buried in 1983 by the organisers of the International Design Conference, Steve Jobs was on hand to make a speech and donated his mouse to go into the capsule.

The nearly four-metre long capsule, dubbed the ‘Aspen Time Tube’, was buried in an Aspen, Colorado field, along with other contemporary artefacts, such as a script from the popular TV show Hill Street Blues, a Kodak Instamatic camera, a six-pack of Balantine beer, a Moody Blues tape and a Rubik’s cube.

As Cnet reports, the capsule, despite being stuffed with other items, became known as the ‘Steve Jobs Time Capsule’, and took on a greater significance when organisers couldn’t find it again.

MacRumors reports, “Organisers planned to dig up the cylinder in 2000, but they couldn’t find it after a major landscaping project altered the layout of the area.”

So they tried again in 2013 with the help of National Geographic and the production crew from Diggers. With success this time. So Cnet has posted a video of the occasion. In the video, the excitement is palpable, the participants whooping and hollering as if they’d just dug up a new set of Dead Sea Scrolls. Or found Lord Lucan at the very least.

But, as many commenters have noted, 30 years isn’t really very long at all, is it? FoggyDavid posted, “I think it’s a shame it’s been dug up. Surely a time capsule should be left for at least 100 years?”

Even more curious was the fact that the intent was to dig it up in the year 2000, when it would have only been down there for 17 years.

Surely, you could toss a stone in any direction and hit someone harbouring a box with a stack of mice, connectors, charger cables and the like that are at least as old as that? No? Well, maybe that’s just our house then.

The Lisa mouse was, at least, in pristine condition and still in its original bag, which is certainly more than you could say for the spaghetti mass of wires and cables mentioned above.

The episode of Diggers featuring the unearthing of the capsule is the season premiere of the show and is due to air on the National Geographic Channel in the US on 25 February, though it’s not clear at this stage when that episode will air on Australian pay TV.


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