Tim Cook tweets his joy at record iPhone sales

Macworld Australia Staff
24 September, 2013
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There say success is the best revenge. And it appears Apple’s weekend saw the tech giant revel in the biggest dose of it. For all the naysayers and prophesiers of doom and gloom, leaping to claim that Apple is dead and buried, has given up on innovation and should basically just pick up its bat and ball and go home, the figures posted for the first weekend’s sales of the iPhones 5c and 5s, will see the Cupertino California company laugh all the way to the proverbial financial institution.

Nine million sales are a heck of a lot of phones – even if you take into account such qualifying factors as this being the first time Apple has launched two new iPhones on the same day, and that it also launched the phones in 11 territories at once, including China (which traditionally has welcomed new phones sometime later). Some analysts believe that China was responsible for three million of those sales alone. At launch, the phones were also available in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the UK – whereas in 2012 the list did not include China and Puerto Rico.

The UK’s Guardian newspaper has also suggested that the breakdown of sales was around two to one in favour of the iPhone 5s – with huge demand for the premium model, despite the ‘constrained supplies’ and swift sell-outs of the model reported around the world.

All this has led to one pretty chirpy Apple CEO. Chirpy enough to finally enter the Twitter-sphere and post his first three tweets. Well, two tweets and one a re-tweet from sycophantic iOS 7 fan, Conan O’Brien, who seems to be on the scrounge…

Cook isn’t the only one who’s happy of course. Wall Street is also looking on the bright side of things. With the strong sales of the new iPhones, Apple posted a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission stating its expectations for the fourth fiscal quarter have improved considerably. The company is now looking at revenues at the high end of estimates – US$34 billion to US$ 37 billion, with profit margins around 36 to 37 percent.

Meanwhile, shares in the company also received a boost; after initially dipping at the end of last week, they climbed 4.97 percent to close at US$490.64.

And Apple, famous for finding ways to share in the profits of any deals that revolve around its products and services, must be wishing it were able to profit from on-sales on eBay, following reports that a gold iPhone fetched $10,000 on the online auction site over the weekend.

Perhaps, fittingly, the last word for now should go to Cook, who said in a statement, ”This is our best iPhone launch yet – more than nine million new iPhones sold – new record for first weekend sales.” The best revenge indeed.

by Macworld Australia staff


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