Tim Cook: Steve Jobs’ death “saddest day of my life”

Macworld Australia Staff
30 May, 2012
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Tim Cook revealed the impact of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ death at the D10 conference today, describing the event as the “saddest day of my life”.

During the public interview host Walt Mossberg asked Cook about the how he and the company was faring after a difficult few months following Jobs’ passing:

“Obviously Apple has going through a lot of change with the death of Steve Jobs, what is different, what did you learn, what are you doing different ?” Mossberg asked.

Tim Cook was openly moved by the question, responding in a broken voice: It was the”saddest day of my life when Steve died”.

“At some point last year, somebody shook me and said ‘it’s time to go on’”.

The experience left Cook with mixed feelings, like  “sadness displaced with a desire to do great things”.

But, the CEO says, innovating great products and continuing to grow the company’s impact in the technology market are the main objectives for Apple moving forward.

“Steve taught us not to focus on the past, focus on the next thing”. Cook says.
Apple has a culture of excellence “that is so unique and so special, I’m not going to witness or permit the change of it”.

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