Thunderbolt MacBook and Mini, but no Mac Pro

Michael Burns
14 July, 2011
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A report is claiming that launches of an upgraded white MacBook and new Mac mini line are imminent, but we’ll still have to wait to see a new line of Mac Pro models. has quoted a source, a Mr. X, who revealed that Apple is about to launch a new white MacBook “likely with Thunderbolt ports and faster processors”.

In addition claims the site, Apple is about to launch a new Mac mini line with both a standard model and a server model. “It appears that there is a third model as well – probably with a faster processor – but this model is most likely a built-to-order option through the Apple online store.”

A Mac Mini with Thunderbolt ports would be particularly desirable in post production and other professional video markets, as would of course a similarly equipped Mac Pro.  However it would also make sense for a new Mac Mini to ship with Mac OS X Lion preinstalled, given that the release of 10.7 is imminent.

“We are still expecting new Mac Pros later this month or early next month,” states, in reference to an earlier story.


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  1. Dan Miller says:

    Mr X has been known to drop info on MacTalk in the past. They have not been seen for a good 2 years though.

  2. Event Photographer says:

    Can someone please tell my why they would have a Mac Mini server? To me that completely contradicts the point of a mini.

  3. Craig says:

    My Mum is waiting on the new MacBook, hope the update is worth it.

    I don’t get the need for a Mac Mini Server either, I mean part of the reason for a server is big or expandable storage, which the Mini doesn’t have, unless you add external drives but that then defeats the purpose of the Mini and it’s space saving.

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