This app could make it easier to recreate real-life objects in Minecraft

Chris Brandrick
17 July, 2013
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Building Minecraft renditions of real-life objects is tedious work, but it doesn’t have to be. An upcoming iOS app called DekkoScan lets you create a 3D rendering of practically any real-life item, then import the model into the computer version of Minecraft.

Take a photo of any real-world object, and the app scans it and puts it onto a 3D grid, using your device’s gyroscope and other sensors to figure out where to place it in space. The result is a ‘cubified’ version of the real-world item in question. When you tap the Generate button, the app packages the model in a file that you can then plop into your Minecraft world.

The app, created by San Francisco-based studio Dekko, is currently in the midst of the App Store review process, but the company expects it to hit the store any day now. Best not tell these guys.

by Chris Brandrick, Macworld

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