Thirty years old today!

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24 January, 2014
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Today is the 30th anniversary of the unveiling of the Apple Macintosh and a number of events are being held to commemorate the fact. Long established Apple watcher TidBITS (23 years old and counting) notes that a group of people actually involved in that momentous occasion are intending to hold a Mac30th event at the Flint Centre in Apple’s home town, Cupertino, California.

The Flint Centre is, of course, the venue where Steve Jobs first revealed his little beige baby to the world… well, to hordes of cheering tech fans at least. A video of that great unveiling (or ‘unbagging’ as TidBITS reminds us) was unearthed a few years ago (and published on the Macintosh’s 21st birthday, 24 January 2005) and you can watch it here.

During the Mac30th event, there will be screenings of videos, some of which have never been shown publicly before, displays of photos and three panels, moderated by tech writers and made up of members of the original Macintosh development team. The panels are titled: Conception, Birth of the Mac and Coming of Age of the Mac.

Regular Macworld Australia readers may also be interested to hear that one of our favourite ‘ask anything Apple’ gurus, Christopher Breen, will be part of the Macworld All Star Band, set to close the proceedings.

TidBITS also links to various sites and publications that are commemorating the anniversary in their own way, including Macworld UK, which is marking the occasion with a compilation of some all-time favourite Apple ads. Of course the famous ‘1984′ ad gets a look-in, but so does its less familiar ‘little brother’ (see what we did there?), the ‘making of’ video. Also included are 1997′s ‘Think Different’, Kevin Costner in 1983′s ‘Two Kinds of People’ and 1994′s ‘Dinosaurs’.


'Business person' and dog walker Kevin Costner helped introduce Apple's Lisa to the world in 1983




Over at iMore, Peter Cohen has published a particularly enjoyable selection of the different faces of the Mac – kicking off with the original machine from 1984, visiting 1989′s PowerBook, the ground-breakingly colourful 1998 iMac and iBook of the following year, before coming slap band up-to-date with the current Mac Pro.

Happy Birthday Mac!


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