Thinner, lighter iPhone for September, says WSJ

Tim Grey
7 July, 2011
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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is readying a thinner, lighter iPhone with an eight megapixel camera and a Qualcomm wireless baseband chip for a September launch.

While the rumours are in lock-step with previous murmurings about the next-gen iPhone, the report’s likelihood of being true is generally higher given its source, with the WSJ traditionally being a source for ‘official’ Apple leaks.

Sony is largely expected to be providing the eight megapixel sensor for the iPhone 5’s improved camera, while Qualcomm – instead of Intel’s Inferion division, who manufactures the current chip – will provide the wireless chips.

The Journal also drops an interesting titbit about the phone’s release, claiming a ‘person briefed on Apple’s product plans’ believes the company had intended to release the iPhone 5 in June, but couldn’t ready the product in time, primarily because iPhone assembler Foxconn couldn’t improve its production yield rate.

And, apparently the company is ‘experimenting with a new way of charging the phone’. Whatever could that be?


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  1. Jamie says:

    Hmmmm…. Inductive charging perhaps? Would team well with wireless syncing as it would make the phone totally wireless

  2. Xenophos says:

    They’d be better off extending battery life rather than aiming to make it thinner.

  3. Alanna says:

    I have also read “iCon”… Its a very inireesttng read, and you get to really see how Steve Job’s mind works. It also portrays very well the quality of Apples products. It was actually a very big infulence in me deciding to buy a MacBook Pro …Give it a read, Jason, maybe you too will be converted from the dark side… :-)

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