The iMaxi: a pad for an iPad

Xavier Verhoeven
22 March, 2010
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Australian Macworld recently received a new iPad accessory that we’ve been awaiting since we first saw it online a couple of weeks ago. The iMaxi is an iPad case that needs little in the way of introduction.

Brooks Briggs is one of the geniuses behind the creation, and he chatted to us about the idea behind the case: “It’s been a really amazing ride—more than we anticipated, that’s for sure.”

It all started when he made an off-hand comment about the jokes everyone was making about the iPad name. As a Mac enthusiast, the announcement made a stir among his circle of friends.

“I mentioned something about an iMaxi, and then joked that someone ought to make a protective sleeve in the shape of a Maxi pad,” he says. After thinking about it further, he realised that it might just be bizarre and funny enough (in a really juvenile way) that people might like one as a “gag gift”.

In Brooks’ words, he was “too busy, lazy and puritanical to try it”, so mentioned it to friend Jim Clark. “I knew he’d do something about it”, he adds.

Jim and his wife, Kate, had recently set up an account for Kate’s business Hip Handmaids.

“Before I knew it, Kate had stitched up a prototype and Jim sent me a photo”, Brooks said. After a couple of design refinements, Kate had produced the first iMaxi and had it up on Hip Handmaids almost immediately.

The most remarkable thing, however, is just how viral the product has become. All the team did to promote the iMaxi was to post it on Etsy and put up a single link on Facebook.

After only two days, Hip Handmaids was averaging 10,000 hits a day.

“The meme was picked up by Mashable, Gizmodo, and a slew of other Mac and tech blogs. It’s even getting buzz on blogs and Twitter feeds out of Japan, France, Mexico, and Brazil”, Brooks says. “And only yesterday I did a Google search for ‘iPad cover’ and discovered the iMaxi was second only to the Apple site. You honestly couldn’t pay for that kind of exposure.”

The team has enjoyed following the growing number of posts and blog comments about the case.

“Readers’ comments have been fantastic” says Brooks. “We especially get a kick out at those who feel morally compelled to defend the iPad moniker or express their revulsion to the iMaxi with righteous indignation. Clearly, some people take this all waaaaaaay too seriously.”

Having had a chance to see the real thing, Australian Macworld’s verdict is that while it might be a pillowy case that looks like a giant feminine hygiene product, the iMaxi is beautifully crafted and well worth a look when it comes time to protect your new iPad. Even Hip Handmaids realise the appeal of the iMaxi might be limited, so they’re now offering additional colours and designs that “are considerably more, um, tasteful”.

The product can be shipped to Australia – all you need is a PayPal Account. If ordered before 30 March, readers can get US$10 off of their US$40 list price. Shipping is separate and is listed on

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