Taking the plunge – Apple’s High Sierra beta

Anthony Caruana
14 August, 2017
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Regular readers will be aware I’ve been running the beta version of iOS 11 for a few weeks now on my iPad Air 2. I do this for two reasons.

I can’t help myself when something new is released. And I like to try things out so I can pass on what I learn to help you can make more informed decisions about your own upgrade paths.

But with macOS High Sierra (which will be version 10.13 of what used to be called OS X – the 14th release of Apple’s general computing operating system) I’ve held back as I currently only use one Mac and I really couldn’t afford for it to suffer any unexpected glitches.

When Sierra was released almost everything worked perfectly. Almost.

I rely on a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner. I use it to scan every piece of paper that enters my office so I keep almost no paper copies of anything. As well as saving filing space, it makes things much easier to find as every document is automatically subjected to optical character recognition so I can easily search for whatever I’m looking for.

So, as I’m typing this editorial, macOS High Sierra is downloading from the App Store following the enrolment process for my Mac mini into the beta program.

The biggest news of the week, as it always is at this time of the year, surrounds the next version of the iPhone. Following the accidental leaking of firmware for the new HomePod, we have learned a lot about the new iPhone. It will boast an edge-to-edge display that covers almost the entire front face, will use wireless charging and implement facial recognition.

I’m looking forward to the arrival of the new iPhone. While I like my iPhone 7 Plus (my first ‘big’ iPhone), Apple has been overtaken by a number of other smartphone makers. The iPhone 8 will, if the promises are true, allow Apple to leapfrog the competition when it comes to making technology as accessible as possible.

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